A good slatted frame provides important for the healthy sleep and the durabilty of the matress,because of this it should meet certain quality standards.

It takes the pressure from the mattress during the night and absorbs these off.In addition it ensures as well that the mattress will be well ventilated,because it takes during the sleep night after night sweat,which must be removed.The quality of the slatted frame is responsible for the service life from the mattress.

A suffcient suspension system,which is adapted to the different body zones,supports the mattress in their task,to record the sleeping body like shoulder,back and pelvis will need it,so that uncomfortable bad posture cannot cause discomfort during the sleep.

Spring wood frame

The common and proven way of the slatted shelf is the spring wood frame.The slats give dynamic movement and catch well the pressure that is exerted on the mattress.The bars should be stored in resilient caps and have in the best case also sliders,which can be used to set the intensity of the backpressure on the mattress.Good bars slatted frame have nowadays at least to contribute as much to the ergonomic function as a good mattress.

Module frame (plate frame)

Module frames contain the suspension plate elements,which can be partially adjusted in their strength.But they are not suitable for every mattress and can damage even Spring core mattresses,because they do not fit this type of suspension.

Extra stable slatted frame for large and heavy persons

At a higher body weight more pressure is exerted on the slatted frame.For large and heavy persons it is therefore recommended to use a particularly robust and excellent processed slatted frame.If the suspension is too soft,this can have a disadvantage affect on the sleep, unconsciously may result in uncomfortable sleep while you lay down at the mattress.

A especially sturdy frame for the slats and individual adjustment possibilities are therefore the needs of heavy people.Both should be taken into consideration while selecting the right slatted frame.

Slatted base with motor frame

Comfort can be demanding increased even during the sleep.A slatted base with motor frame provides all settings you could wish for. Through the motorization,it can be conveniently adjusted while lying down,without having a direct access to the zones that needs to be slacken.

It is possible to change the position from laying down to sit in the bed or highland the legs if necessary.This means not only an increase in comfort. It is for many people even one of the most important measures to meet the ergonomic requirements,as they result from various back ailments.

Noel premium slatted base:extra stable quality of craftsmanship -motorized on request

The Noel premium slatted base takes into consideration also increased demands on comfort and healthy sleep. The slatted frame is made of solid beech wood and because of this especially robust and durable.Arrangement and adjustment of spring bars for different body zones allow perfect adaptation at any height and any body weight.

A slatted frame by Noel also has a slightly larger height – because we have thought not only for the sleep,but also to get up:thanks to the higher construction it will be easier to get up and you get noticeably lighter on the feets.

The Noel premium slatted bases are also available with motorization on request.Thus means that you will have maximum comfort and all setting options available that you may wish.Genuine craftsmanship at Noel guaranteed the exceptional durability of premium slatted base as the entire Noel premium sleep system.

Get to know the Noel premium slatted base at a demonstration.Use the contact form or call us for doing this.