Freezers and freezer compartments need to be defrosted regularly. Otherwise, there’s no way of ensuring they only use the electricity that their energy rating says they should.

Emptying the freezer for defrosting is one job, but the time it then takes to thaw out really adds up. There are many tricks for speeding the process up. Everyone knows the method where you put a pan of hot water in the freezer compartment to raise the temperature and melt the ice. A dangerous one that some people try is using a hairdryer to speed up the thawing and defrosting. This is a very bad idea because you should never use a hairdryer near water or moisture – and this doesn’t just apply in the bathroom.

Quick defrosting – without switching the fridge off!

The method that really saves you time while also improving hygiene – often forgotten in the freezer, but just as important as anywhere else in the kitchen – is defrosting with dry steam.

The Noel Mondo combines a dry steam cleaner with a powerful vacuum function, making defrosting easier than ever before. At a temperature of 147°C, the steam melts ice in freezer compartments faster than an ice cream in the sun. At the same time, the water that results is vacuumed away into the Noel Mondo’s hygienic water dust filter. You’ll get the job done amazingly quickly, and there’s no wiping up afterwards. You don’t even need to switch the fridge or freezer off: because the melted ice is vacuumed away immediately, it’s removed without trace instead of refreezing. And the steam isn’t just hot, but it sterilises too, so you eliminate the germs from your freezer that many people don’t even think about. Bacteria and viruses often survive the cold, and if they get out of the freezer into a warm room on packaging or food they can become active again.

Enjoy the benefits of the Noel Mondo for cleaning your entire kitchen, bathroom and living areas – it’s a real all-rounder and can master any cleaning job. Now, you only need one single device, that saves you time while cleaning more thoroughly than ever – using just the power of water, with no chemicals.

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