Steam cleaners or dry steam cleaners – What is the difference?

Steam cleaner, steam vacuum, dry steam cleaner – What are the differences between these appliances? What is actually dry steam since it is water in the form of gas? All these questions are regularly asked among consumers that already heard about the advantages of steam cleaning but without genuinely knowing the technical differences between the different steam cleaning systems.
The main difference between the various types of steam cleaners lies in the steam temperature and pressure. Indeed, the temperature level allows differentiating between the different forms of steam used for cleaning.

Wet steam and dry steam

Wet steam is used in commercial steam cleaners. It has a temperature of about 100°C and is composed of a high proportion of water not in the gaseous state. Dry steam used in the Noel Mondo is maintained at a pressure of 4.5 bar and at 147° C. The dry steam water content is close to zero.
The temperature and water content are the two essential criteria allowing distinguishing the steam cleaning systems. An ordinary steam cleaner uses wet steam which quickly condensates and remains to a large extent on the surfaces to clean or even inside them, as is the case with upholstered furniture and rugs.

Wet steam is too wet for many applications

The wet steam low temperature is not sufficient to kill quickly and efficiently the germs, spores and mites. In order to do it, you would have to spend a long period of time on the area to treat with the same temperature. This method would lead inevitably to water penetrating the bed and the pillows which would increase the emergence risk of mould spores.
Given that wet steam still contains a lot of water in the form of droplets, it cannot easily penetrate porous surfaces in particular while cleaning. The water superficial pressure prevents it. Thus, during a wet steam cleaning, it remains essential to use chemical products.

Dry steam cleans thoroughly with no residual moisture

Dry steam is much more effective than wet steam to kill germs thanks to its high temperature. Disinfection cleaning is possible by simply using a dry steam cleaner and in a single operation. In many other cases, only dry steam cleaning can provide a hygienic result.
Furthermore, no humidity is deposited on the carpets, beddings or rugs as a result of the low water content in the dry steam. Water steam can freely and thoroughly penetrate the areas to clean. Using chemical products is no longer necessary.

Noel Mondo – even drier with the steam vacuum

After cleaning with dry steam, the drying of the treated zone is much faster compared to a wet steam cleaning and also free of residue. Such a result is even more improved with the Noel Mondo: Indeed, the Noel Mondo is a cleaning system combining vacuuming and dry steaming cleaning. The vacuuming function of the appliance sucks the dirt particles and the dry steam. Hence, you benefit from an impeccable result in one single operation.
The characteristics of the Noel Mondo make this appliance unique and superior to products you can also find on the market. It differs from appliances using wet steam and also dry steam because of its simultaneous suction function.
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