Pets make loyal friends. But dogs, cats, birds and others leave a lot of hairs and feathers where they – and you – live, especially when they’re shedding and moulting. As a result, the vacuum cleaner becomes an equally good friend, for getting rid of these hairs. But annoyingly, by no means all vacuums are as good a companion for this as our furry or feathered friends.

Pet Hair Allergies

Allergies to animal hairs are widespread. About 10% of us are allergic to cat hair, for example. Although the reasons behind this haven’t yet been fully researched, it’s thought that the allergens in cat hairs can be spread so easily and so far that they can trigger reactions in allergic people even if they aren’t normally near a cat. It’s possible that contact with cat owners, who are likely to have cat hairs on their clothes, is enough.

When you consider this, it’s even more important to vacuum up cat hairs to get rid of allergens. Depending on your pet, carpets and fabrics might well need this every day; long-haired cats and dogs shed noticeably more hair than their shorter-haired cousins.

Best defence: vacuum daily

What all animal hairs have in common is that flakes of animal skin stick to them as well. Both can trigger severe respiratory symptoms in allergic people such as shortness of breath, sneezing, or itchy, watering eyes. The best defence is to avoid unnecessarily collecting allergens in the home and carrying them outside on your clothes in the first place by relying on daily cleaning with the right vacuum cleaner.

What does a vacuum cleaner for pet hair need?

A vacuum cleaner for pet hair needs to fulfil several criteria to ensure that the hair is completely vacuumed away, and that hair particles, skin particles and fine dust then stay inside and aren’t blown back into the air.

Changing the dust bag, or emptying the dirt bin on bagless vacuum cleaners, is a moment of particularly intense exposure to allergens: without realising it, you soon end up in a cloud of the finest particles from your friends’ coats.

There are four criteria that a vacuum cleaner for pet hair needs to meet:

  • Extra strong suction so all hairs are removed
  • Nozzle which the hair won’t clog up
  • Water dust filter to hygienically catch all hair and skin flakes
  • Good particulates filter to prevent the finest particles and allergens getting back into the air

The Noel Mondo Cleaning System meets all of these criteria. Its powerful suction effortlessly removes pet hairs from shallow- or deep-pile carpets and upholstery. Thanks to its range of accessories, you’ll always have the right nozzle for the job to hand. The Noel Mondo’s water dust filter does what many don’t: it doesn’t just pick up dirt and pet hairs, it immediately traps them as well. To dispose of the waste, simply pour away the water – this way, none of the contents can get back into the air. With this vacuum cleaner, even people with allergies can vacuum without risking unnecessary exposure to allergens. The particulates filter, together with the water filter, prevents even the finest particles from escaping, making sure that everything that should be inside the vacuum cleaner stays there.

What’s more, you also enjoy these benefits with the Noel Mondo:

  • Time savings: thanks to the Noel Mondo’s performance, you can work faster than ever.
  • Best vacuuming results: the strong suction and double filtration give a perfect result in a single action.
  • Hygiene: all dirt and pet hairs stay inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • Saves you even more effort: because the Noel Mondo is also a steam cleaner, you can achieve perfect hygiene at the touch of a button and without any chemicals in places where you’d normally need harsh cleaners – even during vacuuming, if you need.

Completely remove pet sick from upholstery and carpets

It’s not just pet hairs that make regular thorough cleaning of your house necessary. Sometimes you have to act fast to remove cat or dog sick from carpets or upholstered furniture. The procedure mostly begins with an attempt to remove the vomit with water, even though this is hardly the best way of shifting it. Then, depending on the household, shampoo or chemical cleaners are used, right on the very places that pets touch more often than humans: directly on the carpet or the upholstery.

The results of cleaning operations like this are often pretty unsatisfactory, and the chemical residues from the cleaners can be harmful for pets.

But don’t worry – help is at hand from the Noel Mondo, a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner all in one. Both functions can be operated as easy as pie from the switch on the handgrip. You clear up pet sick like this: first, carefully remove as much of the mess as you can without rubbing it. Then, vacuum the affected area with the steam cleaning function switched on too. At a temperature of 147°C, the steam loosens even the toughest dirt on carpets, upholstery and textiles. Yet it’s also extremely gentle, because there’s hardly any water left in dry steam.

Like this, you not only remove all the residue that normal methods leave behind, you also get rid of the smell from upholstery and carpets. And the most important thing: you clean with no chemicals, just the power of water!

The Noel Mondo Cleaning System – labour-saving and hygienic throughout your home

There’s no limit to the possible household uses of the Noel Mondo. With vacuuming, steam cleaning, and the accessories delivered as standard with every Mondo, you can clean living areas, bathrooms and kitchens thoroughly, hygienically and quickly.

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