Cleaning the sink means aiming for both shine and hygiene. Conventional cleaning methods, and especially home-grown techniques, often only manage one of the two. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen sink is stainless steel, ceramic or granite – limescale and that inevitable film of bacteria stick to them all, and are often very persistent. Abrasives aren’t the best solution because, in the long term, they grind the surface and take away its shine. You should avoid them at all costs on quartz and chrome sinks – however hard the surfaces might be, the abrasive particles will damage them just through the frequency of cleaning.

Among the home-grown techniques, you often find unsuitable things like dishwasher tablets or washing powder being used – or even polishing with coffee filter papers. Methods like this either risk your health – dishwasher cleaning agents should never be used outside the dishwasher – or they do the cleaning, but aren’t hygienic. Even the popular methods using salt or baking powder are no exception here.

Gleaming, hygienic sinks with dry steam

There is a much quicker and more efficient way of cleaning your sink, while keeping it shiny and perfectly hygienic. The Noel Mondo Cleaning System offers a dry steam cleaner with vacuum function, which enables you to remove limescale, dirt and germs from any sink in one easy action – no soaking, no scrubbing, no wiping, no chemicals.

What’s more, this special combination of powerful cleaning functions is there at the touch of a button for all the cleaning in your home. And when you clean the sink with the Noel Mondo, you’re also eliminating germs and smells in the drain and the overflow in no time. Dry steam isn’t just a powerful cleaner, it also kills germs and bacteria. You can effortlessly prevent smelly drains and overflows – even strainer plugs look like new in seconds!

The Noel Mondo is a real household all-rounder. It also helps with cleaning in your bathroom and living areas and really saves you time – using just the power of water, with no chemicals.

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