Backache sensations are common. Out of 100 persons, 70 experienced back pain or have regular pains. We will reveal the causes behind back problems and the effect of a good mattress.

Backache is the first widespread disease

Back pains are the most common pains for which employees are absent on sick leave. 30 % of the interviewed persons suffer regularly from back pains, thereby limiting the physical and sporting activity. The pains often keep you from getting a restorative sleep since it is impossible to sleep in the desired position. If you modify your sleeping behaviour, your back problems directly influence your quality of sleep.

The causes of backache

The causes are various and can be accurately determined only after a thorough medical examination. The most common causes are mostly a bad posture, shortened or weak muscles, stress and bad habits in posture. For example: at the office.
An unhealthy posture causes a bend in the spine or an improper positioning of the pelvis. However, the simple observation of these abnormalities is not enough. We suggest that you contact a professional to carry out a comprehensive diagnostic. It will perform a detailed analysis of the entire positioning of your spine. Only an expert will be able to determine the exact consequences of the bad positioning of your spine. An improper positioning of the pelvis can lead in particular to a bad positioning of the spine. Even worse, this bad positioning gives rise to complications concerning your head posture. In that case, if you try to mitigate the wrong positioning you can often aggravate the situation.
The ligaments connecting the pelvis to the spine are also affected by the positioning. The pressure on the ligaments can be so intense that it can provoke problems in your legs. Many people suffering from back pains complain about their loss of freedom.
The loss of freedom is the most significant when one tries to move and you can see how the muscles are modified to compensate the deformations.

Cervical spine dysfunction

In case of a spine dysfunction following a bad posture, wear or an accident, consequences may affect your whole body significantly. The body posture is determined mainly by the information received from this area by our brain.
Moreover, disruptions of the spine can lead to muscular modifications responsible for the body posture. Therefore, a muscle shortening, spasms and pains may develop.


In our language we have many expressions to designate the effects of back pains on the human soul. This is no coincidence. These images mostly coincide perfectly with reality.
Indeed, emotional stress can lead directly to shoulder and back pains.

Bad posture at work

A bad posture at work is an important source of chronic back problems. When working long hours sitting at a desk without moving, the muscles cope with a high pressure. Yet, the motionless posture of the body is unnatural for the human anatomy. Muscles have to hold an intensely static position with no variation.
Such a prolonged poor posture leas to muscle shortening and tension causing pains. In this respect, trying to find a balanced posture contributes to creating pains since the genuine causes of the problem are here ignored.

Backache and sleep – The road to relief

The night is the most important period of the day for spine and muscle recovery. A healthy and regenerative sleep requires a mattress able to adapt to the different body parts such as the spine, the pelvis, the back and the cervix is absolutely essential. The tensions are not only the accumulation of stress throughout the day but also exacerbated or even caused by a poor posture during sleep.

A good sleeping position

Generally, three sleeping positions distinguished. We use one of them unconsciously. The three positions are the lateral position, the prone position and the supine position. In all three cases, different characteristics exist, including the consequences of this back posture.

Prone position

This position is stressful for the back due to the poor posture of the body. On one hand, this position creates an important pressure on the spine since the stomach and the head position cause a unilateral overstretching. That is why we recommend using a pillow not too thick but comfortable under the stomach to counteract the pressure on the back during sleep.

Lateral position

It can cause a slight distortion of the spine. This is particularly the case when the mattress is too heavy. In the worst of cases, the spine can become misadjusted and lead to an improper positioning of the pelvis.

Supine position

Generally, this is the best sleeping position for the back. However, we suggest you choose pillows that are not too thick so that the upper spine is not overstretched. We recommend the use of a specialised pillow.

What is the best mattress for back pain sufferers?

An ergonomic sleeping system is the best way to guarantee an optimal sleeping position for your back. You can sleep on your side or on your back while it provides the necessary rest for the muscles, pelvis and spine.
Much of the popular information concerning the choice of a mattress is false. You probably have heard that a mattress should be particularly firm. Hence, it should not be too thick or too soft. Taking this into account, millions of persons sleep in a bed that doesn‘t suit their anatomy. A mattress too rigid can only partially meet the requirements needed for a human body during sleep. Therefore, you can get backache and other pains that wouldn‘t have appeared with a good mattress.

Every human body is different

In fact, the criteria for a good sleeping system differ from one person to the next according to their anatomy. Still, only a quality mattress can efficiently and strategically take into account the unilateral loads of a lying body.
It is easy to understand how a traditional mattress with one single level of firmness from head to toe is not appropriate and in this situation, regardless of its firmness or softness. In any case, this type of mattress doesn‘t offer a healthy and regenerative sleep.

Noel Premium Bedding System

For all these reasons, we developed for you the Noel Premium bedding system. It offers all the comfort you need for your health and facilitates an ergonomic adjustment to individual needs, including the back position while sleeping.
As seen previously, it is useless to sleep on a mattress with a unique level of firmness when the body weight pressure must be distributed evenly. That is why the Noel premium mattress with 7 support zones for an ergonomic and ideal body adjustment. Our sleeping system ensures that the spine, the intervertebral discs, the ligaments and the muscles are ideally positioned and adapts individually to the different body weights to provide a perfectly regenerative sleep regardless of the chosen sleeping position.

7 adaptable anatomical zones in EvoPoreHRC®

The 7 zones of the Premium mattress are made out of a high-quality material: EvoPoreHRC®. This material is, in many respects, significantly better than foam or latex usually found on traditional mattresses. The sleeping body weight creates a lowering and a loss of firmness in the mattress. EvoPoreHRC® shows in comparative tests a firmness loss much less significant than foam or latex mattresses. In addition, EvoPoreHRC® has a quicker recovery time than conventional mattresses that is to say it returns rapidly to its original shape.

Your body will always be optimally moulded by the mattress. Indeed, during the night, you regularly change position. After this change, the EvoPoreHRC® mattress instantly returns to its original shape to adjust again optimally to your anatomy. On the contrary, latex or foam mattresses have a slower recovery time compared to EvoPoreHRC®.

Moreover, the EvoPoreHRC® layer is distributed in 7 zones to bring the appropriate support for each area of the body. While you sleep, your legs, pelvis, spine as well as your pelvic spine and head are taken care of to respect their specific shape and weight.

Lie down comfortably with RelaxGEL®

Everyone‘s wish when lying in bed is to enjoy an exceptional comfort. This is why our Noel Premium bedding is equipped with a RelaxGEL® top layer, a special material making our mattresses extremely comfortable. Moreover, RelaxGEL® has better properties than viscoelastic foams. It retains its softeness regardless of the temperature, even when a warm body lie still for several hours.
RelaxGEL® allows you to rexlax before falling asleep and will offer you a cosy and regenerative sleep.

A headrest cushion for an ergonomic support

The Noel Premium bedding system includes a headrest cushion to relieve your spine and will bring an incomparable quality of sleep than other cushions. Wake up fresh with our complete bedding system and our headrest cushion.

Slatted Bed Base and an extended lifespan

A bedding system is complete only when all the concerned parts are adapted for each other and interact properly. Hence, our Premium Noel mattress is coupled with strong and lasting handcrafted slats. The slats are 100% solid beech wood, carpenter‘s plywood and support ideally the mattress.
Many back problems are aggravated by poor bedding or can even be caused by the wrong type of mattress. Don‘t hesitate any longer and choose an effective bedding system adapted to your morphology.
Experience the benefits of our Noel Premium bedding system with a home presentation. You only need to contact us directly by phone or fill our contact form.