Noel Mondo – The cleaning system for those who demand more

The Noel Mondo will revolutionise cleaning in your home. A combined system consisting of a dry steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner and compressed air cleaner, it will ease your work, improve your health and comfort while cleaning in the home, outside, in your car and everywhere, where your needs are greatest.

Clean without chemicals

Dry steam cleaning allows you to work without adding chemical cleaning products. This protects not only the environment but also your own health. It even cleans the toughest spots. Simultaneously, by using the active vacuum cleaner as well as the steam cleaner you will not need to wipe afterwards, because everything is vacuumed up by Noel Mondo.

Anti-allergenic water filter

The vacuum cleaner offers true power with low energy consumption and the best possible suction. With a flick of the wrist you are able to vacuum carpet of any length, smooth floors and thanks to the additional accessories reach even the most inaccessible spots. Your health comes first, so Noel Mondo filters dirt and dust completely out through a patented water filter.
The Noel Mondo’s abilities to retain dust and the filtering of fine particles is superior to traditional fine dust filters and is therefore perfect for those with allergies and for the health of your family.

Clean air thanks to UV- disinfection

Laboratory test show that the absorption of particles is so complete that the Noel Mondo produces completely free and germ free air. This is achieved through the unique UV-disinfection of the water, that absorbs dirt and fine particles. You can be certain that it cleans not only where you see it clean. The Noel Mondo even meets the highest demands for cleanliness in terms of air quality.

Complete accessory kit

The Noel Mondo will equip you and your household perfectly for every situation. The cleaning system offers a complete accessory kit, that allows you to comfortably clean floors, bath and windows. In this way you are able to achieve cleanest results in the shortest time. European manufacture The Noel Mondo is manufactured in Europe and has been subject to comprehensive quality controls. All parts and accessories have been carefully tested for functionality and durability.
You will receive not only the best available cleaning system, but also an extremely durable household aid. Noel guarantees this for 5 years. The Noel Mondo is available in various versions.




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