Smooth floors need special care if we want to keep them beautiful for a long time. Not every floor tolerate the constant treatment with a vacuum cleaner brush and just a few of them can be wiped.

A steam cleaner with dry steam provides the best results regardless the type of smooth floor: gentle, hygienic and without chemical cleaners. Noel Mondo is the best alternative from the variety of current cleaning devices because of the possibility to have the optimum cleaning attachment for every kind of smooth floor and to use dry steam cleaning in the same process. Noel Mondo offers you exactly this alternative. You can save time and money while you clean your floor gently.

Noel explains what type of smooth floors exist and what should be taken into consideration when cleaning them.

Which kind of floors exist and which care do they need?


Parquet has a smooth and hard surface. The Noel vacuum cleaner function with the parquet nozzle or the attachment for smooth surfaces are recommended to preserve the shine of your parquet floor and clean it gently. This way you can avoid scratches. In the case of solid soiling, simply switch the dry steam function on the handle of your Noel Mondo and you can remove any dirty in no time. The dry steam also has the advantage that it does not moisten your parquet and thus also helps to preserve it.

Cleaning with Noel Mondo is also particularly gentle for your parquet floor, thanks to the dry steam you can completely dispense with chemical cleaners, which attack the sealing varnish. Dry steam cleans alone with the power of the water.


They are sealed with a durable varnish, which is nevertheless not insensitive to scratches. It is true that these floors withstand the aspiration, but stubborn dirt is not eliminated. The smooth floor nozzle of the Noel Mondo also meets there requirements quickly and hygienically.

Some floorboards sometimes have clearly visible cracks between individual boards, where dust accumulates. You can get ride of this dust when cleaning surfaces with the dry steam function in a single operation. At the same time, dust is absorbed and remains in the collecting tank of Noel Mondo, which thanks to its water filter absorbs dust thoroughly, which is a task that a conventional vacuum cleaners can’t do.


The surface of laminate floors consists of a solid and dense sythetic resin. Its maintainment is easy, but it can also scratch with time. Noel Mondo creates an unprecedent cleaning result on laminate floors with great time saving. The equipment of the Noel Mondo includes everything you need for the gentle and thorough cleaning of your laminate floor thanks to the smooth floor nozzles of various widths. Its suction power masters dust on surfaces and difficult to access areas. The switchable dry damping fuction removes subborn dirt easily, without wiping.


Marble floor is a very robust and beautiful material. If we want to keep it that way, it is best we clean it regularly with the Noel Mondo. Marble floors are dry again after cleaning them, since during the dry steam cleaning both steam and removed dirt are absorbed by Noel Mondo.


Tiles, whether on the floor or on walls, demand quite different requirements for cleaning. Stoneware tiles and fine stone tiles differ in their structure and not all tiles have a sand-glaze. They are often dyed by a ceramic powder coating, and this layer can be quite sensitive in the case of not dyed tiles.

Dust suction alone can’t remove all dirty that adheres to a rough surface, this is why the stream cleaning function of the Noel Mondo is the best decision. It protects the ceramic powder coating and cleans the entire surface thoroughly. Residual moisture remains either on smooth nor on rough tiles, since the suction fuction of the Noel Mondo absorbs steam and dirt immediately.

PVC and foamed PVC (cushioned vinyl, CV)

PVC and foamed PVC are very robust, insulate impact sound and have a long life. It is therefore more important to clean the smooth PVC surface gently in order to avoid making unnecessary scratches unsightly over time. Dry steam is also a gentle and hygienic cleaning method. In addition, with Noel Mondo dry vacuum cleaner you don’t have to use chemical cleaners on your PVC and make it more sensitive.


Linoleum is not only a very beautiful natural product, but also a very sustainable floor covering. The regular cleaning with the combination of dry steam and vacuum cleaner avoid the use of chemical cleaners, but also the task of pulishing the floors. Noel Mondo take care of your floor so you can use it regularly when you clean your linoleum floor. In addition, by rejecting this floor polishing, it prevents the floor from slipping too much.

Rubber flooring

Rubber is a very expensive flooring that requires special care. It is usually wiped with a damp mop. In addition, due to the pore structure of the rubber, special and expensive disinfecting cleaners have to be used regularly. With Noel Mondo you can avoid this double work and the associated costs of it, since dry steam eliminates the germs without providing moisture to the rubber floor.

Are chemical cleaners good for smooth floors?

Everyone knows the situation when stubborn dirt sticks to smooth floors and it seems to be hardly removable.It is then advisable not to follow the manufacturer ’s warnings and to use particularly aggressive cleaners to quickly remove dirt such as stains of rubber, oil, grease, chewing gum or dried foodstuffs (for example, very sticky residues of milkstuffs, which contain casein and hardens in rough floors).

The use of these products is understandable if household cleaning appliances can not remove this dirt. But the use of aggresive cleaners can lead to damage to the surface of a smooth floor. Although the place we cleaned has become clean, a bright or discolored spot will always remain visible.

What is the advantage of dry steam when cleaning smooth floors?

It is also softer and more thorough. As described for the different kinds of flooring, the advantages of floor cleaning with dry steam lie in the gentle and hygienic cleaning without chemicals and, thanks to the strong suction function of the Noel Mondo, also without wiping. Noel Mondo’s dry steam reaches a temperature of 147 ° C, which removes stubborn dirt more easily. This way you can protect the health of your family and eliminate bacteria and germs effectively. In addition, with Noel Mondo you can avoid the use of chemical cleaners.

Noel Mondo is not only suitable for floors, thanks to its wide range of accessories you can clean your entire home: kitchen, bathroom and living room, without using chemicals. This way you don’t only take care of your health avoiding exposure to the fumes of cleaning products, but you also save money, since Noel Mondo only needs the power of the water when cleaning.

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