Noel Mondo dry steam vacuum

The Noel Mondo vacuum is equipped with an unparalleled suction power and gives the best vacuum result on carpets of any fibre length as well as on hard floors or when sucking animal hair. This suction power comes from an innovative technology manufactured in Europe that combines a unique water filtration system and a UV disinfection device.

Dirt trap capacity and fine dust absorption

The Noel Mondo is characterized by its high dirt trap capacity, compared to other high-quality appliances. After the filtration, traditional vacuums usually expel a portion of the absorbed particles in the ambient air. This situation is a critical health issue, particularly for allergy sufferers.
Dirt particles contain fine particles likely to trigger allergies and this is why it is essential that wherever possible, dust is not expelled out of the appliance. The Noel Mondo does all the work. The special water filtration system can fully absorb dirt particles and fine particles while storing them in the appliance. The excellent results of the laboratory tests certify that it possesses this capability.

100% hygienic water filtered and bagless vacuum

As a result, the Noel Mondo vacuum is also far superior to modern appliances equipped with HEPA filters (high-efficiency air particles filter). Common fine particles filters commercially available become less effective even before the appliance should be entirely replaced. The Noel Mondo is more reliable and guarantees an absolutely constant suction result for you and your family‘s health: the water filtration device provides a constant hygienic outcome, regardless of how you use it.
Unlike other bagless vacuums, the Noel Mondo is 100% hygienic, even when eliminating dust since it is equipped with an integral water filtration system. This will prevent you from having to manipulate vacuum bags or dust containers that both expel important amounts of fine dust and germs when removed.

A vacuum for every task

The Noel Mondo guarantees extreme comfort for any type of use. In one go, it can quickly tame thick carpets and animal hair. Its powerful suction is the result of high energy efficiency in accordance to the EU Ecodesign Directive.
The complete range of accessories allows cleaning in every situation that often cause problems to traditional vacuums. For additional cleaning power, you simply need to start the dry steam cleaner included in the appliance. This chemical-free device eliminates stubborn lime deposits in the bathroom or cooking grease in the kitchen.

Constant and high suction power without filters or vacuum bag costs

You can save money with the Noel Mondo since it is not necessary to change the filter or buy new bags for the vacuum. The water filter always works perfectly and the suction power will never diminish. Discover the Noel cleaning system.




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