Noel Mondo air purifier with water filter

With Noel Mondo you dispose of a cleaning system which combines many functions in a unique way, that helps you protect and maintan your own health and the health of your family. One of the functions are the air purifier with water filtration and UV-disinfection.

Pollutants particles are removed from the air

Pollutants, dust and pollen contaminates air in enclosed areas. They are not removed by regular ventilation and they affect the health by years of exposure. Allergic persons are particulary dependent on pure room air, but an effective filtration of room air can prevent the development of allergies. Air fresheners are used as fixed facilities at home in many countries. With the Noel Mondo you get one of the most effective systems for filtering the air of your room. This removes dust and pollen and also tobacco smoke and harmful solvent emissions from the furniture.

Best dust binding thanks to the water filter

Noel Mondo operates with its high efficiency with no quality fluctuations thanks to its special water filter. Contrary to Hepa-Filtern (High Efficiency Particular Air Filter), it is not necessary to replace the filters, since collected particules are completely bound in water and disposed hygienically.

Effective sterilisation by UV-disinfection

Germs contained in the air are not easily absorbed by Noel Mondo. They are additionally killed by an effective system of UV-disinfection. This way you get a free-germ room air and you can breathe deeply, without having to worry about healthy problems. As well as dust and particles, the dead germs remain bound in water inside the collective bin. You can get rid of them quite easily and completely hygienically.

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