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We have good news for you at home- Noel has succeeded in making this wish come true. Workload relief at home and garden and the health of your family are main concerns for us, since an increase in comfort and quality of life make life more beautiful.

After more than a decade, our family business aims to offer the best service through proximity with our customers and excellent advice. Thanks to our start as a worldwide distributor for an American company from the household sector and subsequently as a pioneer for products around modern home care, we have not only gained a lot of experience, but we have also known better our customers and their demands. That is why we know how important it is a direct conversation and excellent after-sales support. We have also recognized that high-quality workplace assistance for the household and health issues are becoming increasingly important to people.

Conversation and excellent after-sales support. We have also recognized that high-quality workplace assistance for the household and health issues are becoming increasingly important to people.

Our whole commitment to your quality of life

At Noel, we have come to the conclusion that in the midst of an oversupply of often only mediocre products with lack of customer support, far better solutions are needed to fulfill your desires. That is why, based on our experience and the real problems faced by our customers at home, we are developing products for comfort, workload relief and time-saving.

The incorporation of our entire experience is not all that we have included in the development of our Noel Mondo cleaning system and the Noel Premium Sleeping System. We also consulted many experts in order to implement all that has been found desirable in the many conversations with customers.

The result is modern products that bring a real workload relief that will help you save valuable time, keeping the health of you and your family in focus. Our Noel Mondo cleaning system unites all the functions that make home care more efficient and time-saving than ever before. Moreover, it does not use any chemicals, because we owe it to your health.
For the Noel Premium bedding system, we have high-quality materials, newly developed that were up until now not extensively used. Modern developments could do far more for your health if there was sufficient determination to use the innovative. We have this resolution and see it as our mission to be closely involved in product development so that we can meet your requirements. As a family business, we are accustomed to looking at things on a personal level, and we do this from development to quality control.

We are here for you

After more than a decade and many thousands of customer meetings, we know that good advice and support is the prerequisite to satisfy all our customers. That is why our consultants are always there to support you if you already own a product from Noel. You can call your personal contact at any time and know that there will be an open ear for your request. If you need help on site with a product from Noel, we are there for you and will take the time to come to you and help you there.

We wish you and your family the best for your home.

For this, we stand with our experience and our name.




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