Wet vacuum cleaner – no problems with liquids and wet dirt

Thanks to its water filter, the Noel Mondo also operates as a wet vacuum. Tackle more than simply dust and dry dirt by combining it hygienically with water. In the same cleaning process, remove wet stains, kitchen spillages and everything which would normally be cleaned up by hand.

Several of the Noel Mondo’s features work together to allow it to operate as a vacuum for wet fluids. The first of these is its powerful vacuum function, with which the Mondo can be used as a regular vacuum cleaner. This is where the water filter comes into action, which works together with the HEPA filter (a fine dust filter), allowing the device to remove all traces of dust, pollen and germs.

Removing fluids with the vacuum

When operating as a wet vacuum, the Noel Mondo’s collection tank has a capacity of 1.5 litres. This volume is sufficient to carry you through a wide range of household applications: a spilled cup of coffee on the carpet contains 80-120 millilitres, a spilled carton of juice or milk contains approximately one litre – it would even effectively vacuum a filled wash basin (with the tap turned off).

The vacuumed liquid is stored in the collecting container, along with the water required for the water filter. If you intend on vacuuming a particularly large quantity of liquid, ensure that this container is empty before beginning the task. The vacuumed liquid will fill the container. After use, simply remove the container and empty it. As always, any absorbed dust and dirt is removed and stored by the Noel Mondo, not to be released into the surrounding air. A particularly valuable feature for allergens.

Small quantities of liquid can simply be vacuumed with the same treatment as dust and dirt. It is stored in the collection container, which has sufficient space. In this manner the Noel Mondo significantly reduces your household workload. For many of the situations in which it offers you perfect cleanliness in the blink of an eye, you would otherwise have no choice but to use an additional cleaning device or clean the desired area by hand. With its wide range of functions, the Noel Mondo easily exceeds all other cleaning systems.

Wet vacuum cleaner and regular vacuum cleaner – what’s the difference?

The difference between a regular vacuum and a wet vacuum cleaner is the enhanced comfort and reduced household workload that the Noel Mondo is able to offer:

  • A wet vacuum has a water filter.
  • A wet vacuum simultaneously absorbs dust and wet fluids.
  • A very good wet vacuum also offers a powerful cleaning function, making it much more efficient than similar household devices.
  • The Noel Mondo has the additional feature of dry steam.

In contrast to a wash vacuum system, which combines dirst with water and additional chemicals before absorbing it, the Noel Mondo is much more efficient in two respects. While the device is being used as a vacuum cleaner, simply adjust the button on the handle to activate the dry steam function. This releases a 147°C dry steam, containing a very little liquid water, onto the targetted cleaning area, removing tough dirt from carpets, upholstery or smooth surfaces in the blink of an eye.

The vacuum ensures that the dirt is immediately absorbed and taken to the device’s water filter. This is where the Noel Mondo’s double advantage comes in. It cleans with nothing more than the force of the water – no chemicals are involved. No residual moisture is left behind. There’s no need to wash up afterwards, no matter what you’re cleaning – no water will be carried into the carpet, rugs or upholstery. Achieve perfect hygiene without having to change cleaning devices or buy expensive cleaning supplies.

Wet vacuums and cleaning systems for the entire household

The Noel Mondo’s capabilities easily surpass those of a regular vacuum or washing vacuum cleaner. Its comprehensive set of features and accessories allows it to be used over a diversity of household chores. Due to its combined power from the vacuum, dry steam cleaner and double filter, the Noel Mondo is the first device which is can be used in such a wide range of cleaning operations – all whilst eliminating the need for chemical cleaners.

With it’s high temperature, the dry steam not only removes dirt, fat and bacteria; it also cleans with an efficiency that chemical products and traditional cleaning methods are barely capable of – in any area of the house.

Living area

There are so many unpopular and time-consuming tasks – sometimes taking up an entire day – which you would be able to complete in a matter of minutes. Clean your windows with the window-cleaning attachment and enjoy streak-free and immediately dry windows with a single vacuum. When used as a regular vacuum cleaner, the Noel Mondo cleans carpeted floors and smooth surfaces with such an efficiency that removes all future prospects of special cleaners, shampoos and chemicals. Radiators, glass cabinets and mattresses – even curtains are left in pristine conditions.


Awkward areas in the kitchen, which often go for weeks without being cleaned satisfactorily, are no threat whatsoever to the Noel Mondo. Use it to clean exhaust hoods or ovens with an astonishing thoroughness. Sinks, fridges and work surfaces are left with a all-new sheen, whilst being free from all kitchen bacteria.


Bathroom hygiene and the removal of limescale bring about the appearance of strong chemicals in most households – undesirable in poorly ventilated rooms such as those in sanitary environments. As a wet vacuum cleaner with the added option of using dry steam, the Noel Mondo is particularly advantageous here. Once again, the single cleaning device brings about a perfect, bacteria-free hygiene, as well as gleaming wash basins, toilets, shower cabinets and bathtubs in astonishingly little time.

Car, terrace and garden

Outdoor cleaning operations often require specialised devices, yet the Noel Mondo is equipped for both indoors and out. Use it to clean the interior and exterior of your car, or polish its paintwork, rims and seats. The Noel Mondo even removes nicotine from the car’s interior, with no need for scrubbing or extensive labour.

Cleaning teraces and conservatories can often amount to over a day’s worth of work. The Noel Mondo relieves you of a this burden, eliminating the need to buy a mass of additional appliances whilst saving you a significant amount of time.

Your family’s health and comfort

Increase your family’s all round wellbeing and save them precious time. The Noel Mondo offers the comfortable lifestyle desired by all.

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