Allergies and respiratory diseases can be triggered by fine dust and dry air. How do air purifiers provide relief? Read on!

It can be noticeably difficult to breathe freely sometimes. This is a particularly common problem for some people – even in their own homes, as those sensitive to impurities in the air suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases. This is most likely an excess of fine dust in the air – provoked especially through mite infestations in beds and upholstery, pollutants and pollen, or simply particularly dry room air.

This is a serious problem, for the consequences of this air pollution can compromise and individual’s quality of life. As dust is constantly appearing, and environmental pollutants are constantly being released into your home through the air, this problem is unavoidable. Nonetheless, relief can be provided through appropriate air cleaning filters.

Filtering dust and contaminants out of the air

A proper air purifier should be able filter out the majority of air contaminants, storing them in a way that ensures there are no problems for the allergy sufferer, for example if the pollutants and particles were to be released into the air again. When cleaning an air purifier, the filter should not be brought into contact with allergy-causing substances.

Purifying air with a water filter and HEPA filterFor this reason, air purifiers which combine a water filter with an efficient particle filter (HEPA filter) are an ideal choice. The air sucked in by the purifier then passes through the water filter where it is cleaned thoroughly. Fine dust particles which aren’t removed by this process are then removed in the second stage of filtering (the HEPA filter). There, fine dust and particles are bound together, without being made into a dust, and does not come into contact with harmful substances. The HEPA filter can be rinsed out in water and will be ready for use again after having been dried thoroughly.

Tackling fine dust at its point of origin
The build-up of fine dust in the house can be drastically reduced by ridding upholstery and mattresses of mites and mite excretion. The vacuum cleaner used to do this must contain a filter which is suitable for allergy sufferers in a similar fashion to the water filter in the air purifier.

With the Noel Mondo, you have at your disposable a cleaning system which acts as both a very effective air purifier as well as a vacuum cleaner with a dry steam function. This single device allows you to free the air from fine dust and humidity during a warm spell, whilst cleaning carpets, beds and upholstery; an urgent requirement for allergy sufferers.

Dust-free hygiene in a single cleaning process 
The Noel Mondo operates using a double filter system (a water filter and HEPA filter), completing any task with an outstanding thoroughness. It is both ergonomic and outstandingly easy to use. Its function as an air purifier or vacuum cleaner is only ever a flick-of-a-switch away.

Due to its combined function, the Noel Mondo can offer much more than any other cleaner; the modern cleaning system for hygiene and cleanliness all over the household. Allergy suffers and those sensitive to air conditions benefit not only from a high quality of air purification and excellent end-results. With its dry steam function, the Noel Mondo offers a further relief in all cleaning operations, for it cleans the entire household without any chemical products.

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