Wouldn’t it be great if cleaning kitchen cabinets was as easy as cleaning other large surfaces? Just wipe and it’s done – we’ve all wished we could when we’ve been cleaning that grimy mixture of grease and dust off the cupboard tops!

There’s a lot to do when you’re cleaning the kitchen cabinet – just being so close to the cooker makes the job more difficult. Splatters from the cooker build up a film of grease, and dust that sticks to it, that gets everywhere. This kind of dirt doesn’t just look increasingly unpleasant the longer it’s left, it feels horrible when you touch cupboard doors and door handles – and it’s unhygienic, too. The doors and handles make an ideal breeding ground for germs.

You also have to put a lot of effort into cleaning because you’re cleaning different surfaces, even just on the front. Glass doors or wooden doors with glass panels need different treatment to wooden side pieces. The surfaces can be smooth or rough, demanding a different technique again compared to a cupboard made of plastic-coated MDF. Then there’s the problem that whatever you use to clean the larger surfaces is probably hopeless on cupboard door handles.

Cleaning the top of kitchen cupboards is often a real challenge – grease and dust get really stuck together here, which often calls for the help of harsh chemical cleaners.

The job is even harder if anyone smokes at home – right down to the shelf liners and the cutlery tray.

Reducing the workload – what chemicals and home-made remedies can’t do 

There are many cleaning products and methods that are meant to help with cleaning the various kitchen surfaces and cabinets. But there’s one thing that all these methods don’t get rid of: the cleaning by hand with cloths and sponges, the rubbing and scrubbing, the wiping down and drying.

Detergents and household cleaners might essentially be suitable, but they’re usually not very good – they tend to just soften the tougher dirt a bit, not remove it. Quite rightly, many people hesitate to use rinsing agents – these contain surfactants, which are pretty strong chemicals. Methods from DIY magazines, meanwhile, can be very hazardous for your health – one of these has even been known to recommend using wheel-rim cleaner to shift grease, which is an incredibly bad idea. If you care about your health, don’t use harsh chemical cleaners for anything other than their intended purpose! This is especially important if they contain ingredients that are only suitable for outdoor use.

On the other hand, the results you get with things like “dirt erasers”, lemon juice or hard soap are usually unsatisfactory and involve a lot of effort. And the fact remains that putting a lot of effort into kitchen cleaning doesn’t guarantee hygiene. Going over the front of cabinets with scouring cream tends to just roughen up the surface and make it easier for dirt to stick to, for example.

The tops of kitchen cupboards pose a problem that many people try to avoid by covering them with foil or paper, which can then simply be taken off, crumpled up and thrown away. But in doing this, a lot of the dirt – dust and germs – that has been collected ends up in the air. It then just settles on other surfaces or gets breathed in.

Finally, easy and effective cleaning: all thanks to dry steam

Now, there really is a way of cleaning the kitchen cabinets (and the rest of the kitchen too) that offers everything you could wish for:

  • Labour savings
  • Time savings
  • Complete hygiene
  • No chemicals

The Noel Mondo combines a dry steam cleaner with a powerful vacuum function. You can use it throughout your home, and it’s the only cleaning appliance you’ll need – even for cleaning kitchen cabinets.

At a temperature of 147°C, dry steam does an unbeatable job of removing even the most stubborn dirt, grease and nicotine. It also disinfects – germs don’t stand a chance. The integrated vacuum function, which is a breeze to switch on from the handgrip as you need it, sucks up all the steam and loosened dirt as you clean and passes it into the water dust filter.

This means you can clean your kitchen cabinets quickly and thoroughly, with one single appliance, in one easy action – with no chemicals, just the power of water.

In fact, cleaning with the Noel Mondo is so fast that you can clean your surfaces, fridge, hob and oven as well, all in one go. You’ll find the Noel Mondo’s speed just as amazing as its power!

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