Cleaning your hob can be a difficult job. Burnt-on food doesn’t just look awful, it’s very difficult to remove too. The front of the cooker isn’t always any easier, either: getting all the grease off the knobs and the oven door handle – essential both for hygiene and a good grip – can be slow and frustrating.

Chemicals and home-made remedies: slow and often ineffective

Special cleaners for hotplates and ceramic hobs or induction cookers might well do something, but usually only with a lot of effort. Even with these cleaners, burnt-on food can only be removed by scouring and hard work. We all know that unsatisfying feeling when you can still tell that something has recently boiled over or dripped, even after all that work and patience.

Many people, and not just sensitive people or people with allergies, are sceptical about using using chemical cleaners on the stove. Since the residues of these cleaners often stick around, such as on ridged hotplates or simply by doing the job quickly, this scepticism is entirely justified: the next time you switch on the hob, the residue gets into the air and can be breathed in.

Home-made remedies aim to get the job done more gently, though they really need a lot of effort. People who don’t like chemicals or scouring cream sometimes use the old method with a paste made from baking powder and water. This basically works in a similar way to scouring cream from the shop: abrasive particles – in this case the crystalline baking powder – remove grease and burnt-on food from the hob when vigorously scrubbed. Depending on the surface, however, you need to think carefully about using abrasives. Even the toughest materials will end up being slowly roughened up by regular scouring. The result of this is that dirt will then stick even more easily and firmly than before.

Cleaning cookers with dry steam – quick, hygienic, gleaming

The Noel Mondo saves you time and effort when cleaning your cooker, while also getting unbeatable results. This is possible thanks to the combination of steam cleaning and vacuuming, which really shows its benefits when cleaning the hob.

With one single appliance and only one speedy step, you don’t just completely remove all the grease and burnt-on food and dirt. You also clean the front of the cooker and the knobs, making them germ-free and hygienic again in no time.

This is all possible through the power of dry steam. At a temperature of 147°C, it dissolves all the dirt and effectively kills off germs. The vacuum function simultaneously sucks up all the dirt and passes it into the Noel Mondo’s water dust filter. Easy operation, ergonomic design and high efficiency make the Noel Mondo a real help with all kitchen cleaning. You’ll clean more quickly and thoroughly than ever before, always in one single action, without wiping up afterwards and with no chemicals – just the power of water.

Despite its power, the Mondo can gently clean even delicate surfaces. This makes it a real universal appliance throughout the house – not just in the kitchen, but in the bathroom and living areas too. Vacuuming and stain removal at the same time? You can do that now, and amazingly quickly. Limescale- and germ-free bath with no chemical cleaners? The Noel Mondo can do that too – it’s the cleaning system that effortlessly meets the highest demands of labour saving, time saving and hygiene.

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