Cleaning the kitchen seems pretty obvious. However, research findings show that we usually found dangerous situations where we keep our food either because of our unawareness or an inadequate cleaning. This is particularly the case for the refrigerator. We often think that the cold prevents the implantation of bacteria. This is a misconception! The small particles of food products stay in the fridge even after removing the food and the risk that fungus, bacteria or viruses multiply increasingly to reach the fresh food rises, even at low temperature.
Mould, campylobacter, Listeria bacteria and EHEC are the most common but by far the only health risks that encrust in the refrigerator when it is not regularly and hygienically cleaned. Is it better to be aware of this germs invasion than to become sick or only realize the danger they represent after storing food products in unsanitary conditions.

Bacteria-free refrigerator with dry steam

The safest and most efficient method is to clean the refrigerator (and your entire home) in hygienic germ-free conditions remains dry steam cleaning. With Noel Mondo, you have at your disposal a cleaning system bringing together dry steam cleaning and vacuuming in the most modern way possible.
The advantages of this cleaning method are the following: The 147° C hot dry steam, all the germs and even viruses can be eliminates in a few seconds during the cleaning: the steam and all the dirt absorbed are directly absorbed again in the appliance. It stays there in the water filter; the content is germ-free and can be easily eliminated.
The Noel Mondo accessory cleans comfortably and carefully your refrigerator as well as every surface, space or corner of your house. The work process is always very simple, meticulous and quick. Simply move the Noel Mondo appliance on the surface to clean, for example on the freezer compartment that you dismantled beforehand, the shelves of the refrigerating compartments or through the compartments situated on the fridge door. You immediately obtain an hygienic cleaning in one pass and no rinsing.

Hygiene without chemicals

Noel Mondo also offers more protection for your health. Dry steam is highly efficient and systematically eliminates every germ. You don‘t need any chemical cleaners anymore. Your health and your family‘s health will thank you for it.
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