What a tedious and unfortunately unavoidable task: every household washes the curtains two to four times a year. Curtains and net curtains create a feel-good atmosphere and are the showcase of your home since you can see them from outside.

Curtain fibres and fabrics have a large size and rapidly after the wash, they absorb dust, bacteria, nicotine and smells. That is why a regular wash is essential, not only for the aesthetic appearance of your home but for a healthier atmosphere as well.

Taking your curtains down, wash them, iron them, hang them up: this process takes time

Washing your curtains is not as simple as washing your sheets or your cloths. The curtains and net curtains fabrics are highly delicate. The damages while washing are noticeable both inside and outside your housing. Before washing, remove any nail, roller or eyelet both metallic and plastic.
Each time you use the washing machine it damages the fabric and slightly washes out the curtains. The washing liquid cannot do much: with time and regular washings, colours become dull. As the fabric of curtains tends to wrinkle in the wash, we rarely enjoy showing the little creases that formed and directly hang them still wet and heavy.
Meticulous ironing of several square metres of fabric is then necessary and requires a significant time investment.
Hanging up or down the curtains before and after the wash is also quite long and accompanied by common home accident risks: working on a ladder, a step or a chair. Curtain and net curtain washing several times a year go hand-in-hand with many hours of difficult household chores often quite perilous. Is there really no other method?

Clean your curtains with a dry steam aspirator

There is an easier, quicker and hygienic procedure with no chemical products that evaporate from the curtains and are released in the home after washing.
The Noel Mondo cleaning system facilitates the work in every common cleaning situation and thanks to its unique combination of dry steam cleaner and vacuum; it is your best ally to keep your curtains and net curtains fresh, coloured and healthy with no effort.
You will find everything you need to clean your curtains and net curtains in the functionalities of our cleaning system. Our Noel Mondo long suction pipe enables you to reach easily at heights, standing on the ground.

Clean your curtains in a single quick operation and without taking them down

The washing is effortless thanks to the simultaneous action of the dry steam and the vacuum function. For that purpose, you just need to steam vacuum one or two centimetres away from your curtains. They undergo a dry steam treatment: the nicotine and dust are eliminated, the bacteria killed and the smells dissipated. With its vacuum function, the Noel Mondo immediately attracts the steam and the dirt it may contain while injecting hygienic filtered water, particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.
Regularly use your Noel Mondo on your curtains and net curtains: no need to remain for long on the same surface. With just one simple hand movement, the dry steam provides a cleaning power so efficient that it immediately eliminates any stain.
The Noel Mondo offers you the possibility to save time and effort when it comes to your curtains. No need to climb on a ladder or to use chemical cleaning products. It provides the same assistance around your whole home.
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