House dust allergy- combat it in an effective way

The first experiences of the day for house dust allergy sufferers after they wake up are breathing problems, burning eyes, runny nose. Mite live on pillows and mattresses, their excrements can complicate our life and even cause illness to some people.

Allergic reactions to mite excrements are quite common, 10 to 15 per cent of population suffer from it. Mites are 0.1 to 0.5 milimeters in size, they live for several months and produce more than 200 times their body weight of excrements during this time. They love living in beds, since their foodstuffs are human skin cells, which we emit about 1.5 grams a day. Moist conditions are perfect for arachnids. The bed offers optimal conditions for them, since we give off about one liter of sweat at night.

But not only in bed live a large number of mites; carpets, upholstered furniture and dusty surfaces such as books or shelves offer the right living conditions for mites. Mites multiply more frequently between May and October. As a result, much dust mite has accumulated in the house dust during winter. Then dust circulates in the room air thanks to the heating and little ventilation.

Measures against mites

Allergy sufferers can, however, take action in order to reduce the amount of mite excrements.

  • Bedclothes and pillows should be ventilated daily, preferably on the balcony or on an open window.
  • Bed and pillow covers should be washed regularly at 60 or 90 degrees, preferably at least every 14 days.
  • Air exchange carries some dust around the home. Regular ventilation is a must, even in winter, in this way we get rid of the heat and humidity that the mites need to live.
  • Staubige Flächen und Staubfänger sollten regelmäßig gereinigt werden. Bücherregale und Vitrinen beherbergen oft große Mengen von Milben. Regelmäßiges Entstauben verringert die Belastung. Damit nicht unnötig Staub aufgewirbelt wird und in die Raumluft gelangt, verwendet man am besten einen kräftigen Staubsauger mit möglichst gutem Staubrückhaltevermögen oder gleich einen Trockendampfreiniger. Besser als mit dem Entstauben von Hand fährt man damit immer.
  • Dusty surfaces and dust traps should be cleaned regularly. Regular removal of dust reduces the amount of dust. It is best to use a powerful vacuum cleaner with as good a dust retention capacity or a dry steam cleaner in order to avoid dust raising into suspension and entering the room air, instead of cleaning by hand.
  • Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter should be used for regular cleaning of carpet and smooth flooring. The fine particle filter ensures that the device absorbs more fine dust.
  • A vacuum cleaner with water filter is even better in terms of dust retention: the absorbed dirt and dust particles are completely trapped in the water. This means that when we empty the vacuum cleaner, we do not have contact with dust particles, since we only have to pour away the used water.
  • The dust retention capacity of a vacuum cleaner plays an important role. Since September 2014, manufacturers have been obliged to provide information on the energy supply of a device. The dust absorption of the vacuum cleaner is classified by the efficiency classes from A (best) to G (worst).
  • Long carpet pile is unfavorable, as many vacuum cleaners have trouble with it. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to helpful additional functions, such as a switchable dry steam function, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. Dry steam dissolves dirt, traps the fine dust particles and disinfects at the same time.
  • The question of whether smooth flooring is better is not as easy to answer as it seems. Basically, they are a good decision in allergy sufferers households, but these floors should be wiped at least every two days. Otherwise, the accumulated house dust can easily be stirred up and get into the room air in a higher concentration. Carpets with short piles trap more dust, but they also have to be sucked in an appropiate and regular way.

If we take these measures seriously, we will help to reduce significally the habitat for mites. However, they will never fully dissapear.

This constant process helps 40% of allergy sufferers without medical treatment

Many allergy sufferers are already achieving a lot of relief by strictly following a corresponding plan for house cleaning. Approximately 40 per cent of those allergy sufferers get relief from the allergic runny nose by consistently removal of dust, ventilating and by the necessary precautions for the bed.

If you suspect you are allergy sufferer, it is still advisable to consult the doctor and have yourself tested for allergens. This will clarify your doubts in most cases. If the dust and mite control at home don’t help you to relieve allergic reactions, the doctor can help you: for example, with special nasal sprays in the short term or with immunotherapy in the long term.

Combat allergy at home in an effective way

It is obvious that a lot of consistently implemented small measures can be done at home against allergy. However, this often means a considerable amount of time spent on household cleaning. Therefore, individual day-to-day cleaning tasks are not enough because of lack of time, but they are urgently necessary to make life easier for a family member suffering from allergies. If you want optimum conditions in order to to do the best for your own health and your family’s health in your own household, you can easily achieve hygiene and labor saving at the same time.

With the Noel Mondo cleaning system, we have developed a device which has been specially designed for demanding cleaning tasks and it ensures maximum labor saving at the same time.

Noel Mondo’s cleaning system: Anti-allergenic cleanliness and time savings

Noel Mondo offers everything you need to get rid of dust at home:

Powerfull Vacuum cleaner

Noel Mondo is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a low energy consumption and it has a better dust retention capacity on smooth floors such as long pile carpets, seats or mattresses and thus efficiently removes the harmful mite excrements. The accessories make other hard-to-reach places accessible and thus allows you to actually remove dust from your home.

Noel Mondo has a double filter of water filter and Hepa filter. So you can be sure that the device completely absorbs the house dust, which remains inside the device.

Germicidal dry steam cleaner

Noel Mondo is also a dry steam cleaner at the same time. You simply have to switch on this function when you are using it as a vacuum cleaner. Dry steam effectively kills all germs through its temperature of 147 ° C. It also traps fine dust, which is immediately sucked back together with the steam. You don’t need to wipe any surface.

The dry steam cleaner does not give moisture to porous surfaces and fabrics, as it sucks steam immediately. In this way you can enjoy a deep and hygienic cleaning for your carpets and master every stubborn stain at the same time.

Refreshing air purifier

Der Wasserfilter kommt jedoch nicht nur beim Staubsaugen zum Einsatz. Sie können den Noel Mondo neben der Nutzung zur Haushaltsreinigung auch als Luftreiniger und -erfrischer nutzen. Die eingesaugte Umgebungsluft wird dabei durch die Kombination aus Wasserfilter und Hepa-Filter geleitet und so von Feinstaub und Milbenkot befreit. Zusätzlich Filtern Sie dabei auch Gerüche aus der Wohnungsluft (Nikotin, Küchendunst).

However, the water filter is not only used for dust suction, it can also be used as air purifier and air freshener. The aspirated air passes through the combination of water filter and HEPA filter and gets rid of dust and mite excrements. In addition, Noel Mondo also filters the odors, such us nicotine or fumes from the kitchen.

Discover Noel Mondo

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