The grill season is just around the corner, but before it starts, the gas grill should be thoroughly cleaned. If you can remember the procedure from last year, you will know that cleaning the grill thoroughly is very expensive.
Conventionally, we need a special and very agressive grill cleaner in order to dissolve stubborn residues and remove soot, and also an oven cleaner, depending on the working method. Those who love not only their barbecue, but also their eyesight, wear a protective goggles when cleaning the grill- the poisonous and corrosive chemicals that make cleaners so powerful can damage the eyes with splashes.

Gloves are necessary for the same reason, since skin contact with cleaners can cause severe burns. After the cleaner action time, it is necessary to scrub the grill, or you can also clean the barbecue using a pressure cleaner in order to remove the dirt from the inside of the barbecue, grilles and bars. It will stain everything, including the terrace and garden furniture, with a mixture of corrosive cleaning products, grease, burnt remains and splashes of water.

This is easier: efficiency and high-tech when cleaning the grill

If you prefer to spend your time grilling instead of cleaning the grill, and properly marinate the meat, instead of making this meat in the barbecue with a mixture of fumes from cleaning products, you can make it twice as simple. Noel Mondo can cope with the grill cleaning: it is not only a faster procedure, it cleans more thoroughly and doesn’t use chemicals. Dry steam dissolves effortlessly all dirt, including the burn remains, at 147ºC. And thanks to the Noel Mondo’s powerful suction function, dirt, rust and burned remains are removed in a single operation and you don’t need to wipe it. This means that there is no moisture in the grill- so extra time for the dry burning is no longer necessary.

With the Noel Mondo dry steam cleaner there are no problematic areas when cleaning the grill: burners, grills and tray are an easy task for Noel Mondo. It also masters other dirt situations such as the car,  terrace or household.

You can discover the Noel Mondo’s cleaning system through a demonstration. Call us or use our contact form.