Window cleaning robots operate at a very slow pace and often not as thoroughly as you might hope. Out of all the alternatives, dry steam is the best. Why? Read on!

Maintaining windows which are clean, clear and streak-free can be a costly process when it involves cleaning by hand. Everyone surely longs for fast and easy way of achieving this and, while window cleaning robots promise good results, the reality is often disappointing. The available alternatives to window cleaning robots are mostly either old and inadequate domestic remedies, or modern cleaning devices, which offer far more than straightforward glass cleaning. So let’s consider window cleaning robots and an up-to-date alternative.

Work effort and results – what does a window cleaning robot actually achieve?

Windows ought to be able to clean themselves easily. And so the concept of window cleaning robots is undoubtedly good, as they offer you the best possible satisfaction. Yet after the initial buzz comes the disillusionment. Due to its size, the gadget can generally only be used on sufficiently large windows. Narrow windows can’t be cleaned. The robot’s cleaning pads which move across the window surface are also unable to remove all the dirt. So streaks appear – unless you stop the robot mid-way through its (already very slow) course to change the pads. The results would be more effective if windows were cleaned by hand before using the robot – yet then you no longer save yourself work. In addition to this, a window cleaning robot by no means sticks to every glass surface: satined window panes such as those with a UV Protective Film are too difficult for the robot to grip onto.

The slow speed at which the windows are cleaned would be tolerable if the window cleaning robot didn’t produce such a loud operating noise. Devices with round cleaning pads are also unable to clean into the corners of windows, so you are forced to clean these areas by hand. The company also requires you to secure the device with a cable which, in practice, is often not feasible.

The device can naturally only be used if its batteries are charged. The battery life expires long before you fulfil your wish of glossy windows all over the house. You’re then faced with a particularly long wait – depending on the device, the battery’s charging time can be up to eight hours.

Dry steam as an alternative to window cleaning robots

There is another modern alternative for cleaning windows, which produces far better results and saves a considerable amount of time when compared to all other methods: Cleaning windows using a dry steam clean with a vacuuming function. The Noel Mondo offers exactly this, bringing with it the desired reduced household work load, and not exclusively through window cleaning.

It’s extremely easy to use. With the window cleaning attachment, simply activate the dry steam function when using the vacuum and move the device across window panes and frames, leaving behind windows which are immediately clean, streak-free and dry. It’s as simple as regular dusting. Cleaning before-hand, drying afterwards and polishing can all be forgotten; with the 147°C dry steam, every trace of dirt is removed quickly and efficiently. In the same cleaning operation, moisture and dirt are vacuumed up immediately, being stored in the Noel Mondo’s water filter. You can’t get anything quicker, cleaner and more convenient.

Comfort and a reduced workload all over the house

A further advantage of this cleaning method is that it cleans without the use of chemicals – not only when cleaning windows, but when used anywhere in the house. Due to its vast set of attachments, the Noel Mondo’s range of functions is unlimited. As a dry steam cleaner, it overcomes any household cleaning task quickly, thoroughly and hygienically.

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