Employee in direct sales with Noel

You have the opportunity to start a new job in direct sales with Noel and earn an above average income, but it is up to you. Regardless of whether you already have sales experience or you start as a newcomer: Noel offers everyone the perfect context in order to earn a living in a strong team or work part time.

You can develop the most important skills for our company with us: a taste for dealing with people, enthusiasm and will. Both male or female are welcome to return to work as a sales professional. We offer you access to a growing market, with the best sales opportunities and, therefore, low risk. We explain you what direct selling gives your customers, opportunities for you and how Noel can help you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Advantages in direct sales

Noel’s direct sales staff especially appreciates the opportunity to earn extra money in their free time or make a living and be their own boss. Due to the strong position of Noel in the growing market, employee earning prospects (part-time or full-time) are very interesting and the risks of business activity are relatively low.

In direct sales, your enthusiasm and competent advice come into play. Noel has to do with customer satisfaction, that is, our advice offers customers the best service. You are directly involved as employee in direct sales and you can also be sure that your customers are so satisfied with Noel Mondo’s service that they will continue being your customers.

Quality products for extraordinary demands are the key to customer satisfaction. Noel offers products for cleaning and comfort that meet these demands exactly. This features gives you a unique certainty. Your demonstration and advice provide you with what you want from the beginning: service to satisfied customers.

Shopping from home: a growing sector 

In this time of the e-commerce boom, advice is an important factor for some customers, since it offers them something that anonymous online shopping can not offer: individual and flexible support and direct answers to customer questions.

The fact that customers have less and less time, makes that they appreciate not having to search on internet and online stores for a long time something that meet their needs.

However, after consulting the current customers, the service provided by Noel is described as: a fast and comfortable home delivery and a perfect customer service, they solve all doubts quickly. Shopping from home has become more popular in recent years and direct selling is part of this development with its continued growth. Growing customer demand shows the need for more people working in this industry and Noel is part of this flourishing development. The most popular form of direct sales among customers is the in-house demonstration carried out by competent and service-oriented advisers, Noel also has this service and is committed to you.

Reasons for you

Industry studies show three main reasons direct sales staff point to joining the industry: product enthusiasm, flexible work schedules, and salary.


Noel successfully meets the three most important factors that our employees take into account when deciding to join direct sales. Thanks to our many years of experience in direct sales have made us familiar with the needs of the customer, so the development of our products is specifically tailored to them, such as the Noel Mondo cleaning system and the Noel bedding system. As a direct sales employee at Noel, you feel the enthusiasm and constant satisfaction of the customers by offering excellent solutions to the questions of comfort and household care. Our employees also share the enthusiasm for Noel products which is the key to success.


Noel allows you to join direct sales part time, if you want to earn some money, or full-time, if you want it as your main employment. With us you have flexible solutions to your wishes, as you can choose your work schedule.


Excellent products, enthusiasm and satisfied customers mean everything to you. With Noel you will find all the requirements: from sales training to efficient Noel service, which will allow you to succeed and achieve the profits you want to. Your service counts for you and especially for you, as you do not work with Noel in an unmanageable structure or pay others with your service. Noel’s equation for direct selling is very simple: service = earnings. As services increase, your earnings increase steadily, and from the beginning.

Individual opportunity

With Noel you will find the best conditions to take advantage of your individual opportunities through the commercial activity, which really takes into account your goals. You work freely and organize your own schedule, but you always have all the support of Noel and a strong team.

At the same time, you meet new people and enjoy the benefits of a varied activity which is different to the most professional fields. Women and men experience direct sales benefits in a different way, but both with satisfaction: while women often appreciate the continuous contact with new people, men enjoy freedom and self-determination.

A large part of the success and satisfaction provided by direct selling also results from the immediate response to customers. You notice customer satisfaction directly through them or simply when they want to remain your customers. Success is always a very personal experience characterized by the satisfaction you provide to the customer. After all, the direct sales of Noel offer you the opportunity to earn a living and build a real team with your own employees, and you will be their example and success. The conditions for being a successful person are not related to age, sex or training, there are simply features that make you be the person you are and Noel wants to welcome people who has:

  • Wish to have success
  • Positive attitude
  • Taste for comunicating and working with people
  • Motivation to learn
  • Flexibility

If these features describe you, you are bound to succeed.

We would like to get to know you.

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