When dust and grease combine into a sticky mess, cleaning the cooker hood in the kitchen becomes a real job – it doesn’t matter what kind of cooker hood you’re using. Sure, hoods with an extractor take the air outdoors, but the grease sticks to both the inside and outside of the hood itself. Cooker hoods that just circulate the air pass it through a fleece material and an activated carbon filter to clean it, but the grease sticks to the metal filters and the insides of the hood here as well.

As a result, it’s a good idea to clean your cooker hood at least every three to four weeks – irrespective of how often you subject it to greasy fumes.

What can conventional cleaning methods do?

The main problem is removing the grease from the metal filters, the plastic parts and the insides of the hood. There are numerous cleaning methods and home-grown techniques which might well get the job done, but they always have a number of time-consuming steps – and often use harsh, unsuitable chemicals.

For cleaning stainless steel, special cleaners or ceramic hob cleaner are normally used. Of course, this involves scrubbing with a sponge or a cloth, as well as wiping down with clean water and drying off afterwards. For removing the more stubborn dirt, many people use scouring powder – but this risks the stainless steel surface getting scratched and losing its shine.

Equally laborious and often nowhere near good enough is cleaning the cooker hood with glass cleaner and kitchen paper. The alcohol in the glass cleaner would normally dissolve grease, but it can’t when the grease has combined with dust and been set hard by constant heat.

The commonest method involves an initial treatment with dishwasher rinsing agent and then soaking with a strong solution of washing-up liquid. With this method, the areas to be cleaned have to soak for a very long time, often overnight. Then you can wipe off the dirt that has (hopefully) come loose – maybe over the bath, so that at least a some of the job is nice and quick. Sponges and brushes are needed here too – and without time and effort, it doesn’t work at all, even if you replace the washing-up liquid with washing soda or degreaser.

Warning: don’t use any old cleaner!

Using things like dissolved dishwasher tablets, alkaline cleaners and especially oven cleaner spray is a very bad idea. The use of cleaners for anything other than their intended purpose harbours dangers – for your skin and airways, for example. This is especially the case with oven sprays, which aren’t intended for unrestricted indoor use.

Clean cooker hoods easily with a steam cleaner/vacuum 

The ideal solution for completely cleaning your cooker hood in no time doesn’t involve even more chemicals and effort. Instead, you can clean all the grease off the hood in one speedy step with a dry steam cleaner, with no chemicals – using just the power of water.

Ideally, your steam cleaner should have a simultaneous vacuum function to immediately suck up both the steam and the dirt and pass it into a water dust filter. This cleans your cooker hood in one quick action and without any wiping afterwards.

The Noel Mondo Cleaning System is just that: a dry steam cleaner, a vacuum cleaner and a steam vacuum cleaner all in one. You just decide what you need for what you’re cleaning, and get all these functions at the touch of a button from one single device. Your cooker hood will be grease-free in minutes and germ-free too, because the high temperature of dry steam does two things: it loosens dirt and it disinfects. But despite this, it’s also very gentle, whatever you’re cleaning around the house.

The Noel Mondo doesn’t just show its strengths in the kitchen, but literally everywhere: limescale-free baths, smear-free windows, carpets and hard floors free from stains and footprints – all this is a speciality of the Noel Mondo. So as well as saving time and effort with our combined cleaning system, you get unparalleled cleanliness too – using just the power of water, with no chemicals.

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