Dry steam cleaner – Maximum hygiene for your home

Steam cleaning and disinfection is the most efficient method to guarantee absolute hygiene and chemical-free. The Noel Mondo functions with what we call dry saturated steam. Water vapour is in a stainless steel compartment under pressure at a temperature of 160° C.

Dry steam is suitable for all household choresgeeignet

Thanks to dry steam, you will be able to reliably remove even stubborn dirt. With this appliance, you will save a lot of time for a perfect result in one operation and without having to use any chemical product.
Grease, roofing tiles and textile substrates scaling – such as rugs and furniture fabrics – will be completely eliminated without residue with the help of Noel Mondo‘s steam. The characteristic of the Noel Mondo is that it leaves no humidity. In addition to dry steam, the active vacuuming can suck both dirt and water vapour.
No traces left of humidity and without ever having to wipe. This approach highly simplifies your work and will allow you to gain a lot of time. Cleaning the windows with Noel Mondo is particularly efficient: in one operation your glass frames and windows will be entirely clean and dry.

Germ-free hygiene – with water alone

Modern households have high demands concerning hygiene. Health is here a top priority. Dry steam cleaning ensures your health is protected. Indeed, this system cleans without any chemical cleaner. You will get germ-free and allergenic-free results in every room of your home.
Avoid health risks caused by the use of cleaning products

Environmental risks provoked by cleaning agents are well known today

Environmental risks provoked by cleaning agents are well known today. The dangers of chemical products steam used by households are, however, often overlooked. If natural household cleaners and their components are tested beforehand, these tests are carried out in conditions that do not correspond to the real situations encountered by families.
An ideal ventilation of the cleaned rooms with large windows wide open is impossible to achieve – even less in bathrooms that often have smaller windows.
There is a popular misconception that the fresh smell produced by cleaning products leads to a feeling of well-being and cleanliness, particularly for products using fragrances like lemon and similar additives.

Fresh-smelling cleaning products have present health risks

Using scented cleaning products involves health risks, primarily due to the chemical substances that could cause allergies or even asthma. Furthermore, these substances react with the ozone in the ambient air to create even more dangerous substances.
Most organic cleaning products are also coupled with health risks because of the essential oils and resins contained, such as pine or lemon fragrances. They generate dangerous substances when in contact with the ambient air.

It is however easy to avoid these risks if you clean with water. To this end, the Noel Mondo is a practical and simple solution able to hygienically steam clean every room of the house. For this purpose, the Noel Mondo is the unique combination of steam cleaning and vacuuming. It offers you a unique chemical-free system able to clean much more easily than with other appliances. Moreover, the Noel Mondo produces a dry steam cleaning and uses very little water allowing you to enjoy substantial savings.

A dry steam cleaner for your convenience

With the Noel Mondo, you can thoroughly, quickly and easily clean any surface. You can clean any floor in a short time and more carefully than with conventional methods.

With its double action, you vacuum both dirt and the low moisture content in the dry steam. The Noel Mondo differs significantly from commercial steam cleaners using wet steam and leave behing humidity. You work in a dry environment and no need to mop afterwards!

You can use the Noel Mondo on every floor safely: It cleans rugs, small or large and regardless of the fabric, as well as tiles, hardwood floors and any other surface. Even chewing gum can be removed while usually it normally requires using particularly dangerous chemical products.
Besides hard surfaces, you can also clean rough surfaces. Plastics, wood, stones and tiles – outdoor or indoor- cannot resist the efficiency of our Noel Mondo.

Cleaning windows is a piece of cake with the Noel Mondo. The combination of vacuuming and dry steam cleaning will enable you to save a great deal of time while limiting your worlkload to the absolute minimum. You can clean your windows and frames in one go with no scratches or humidity left behind. You have at your disposal a service only available among professionals. With the Noel Mondo get sparkling clean windows with no effort at all.

Clean the most difficult areas with dry steam cleaning

Even in pristine clean houses, compromises often have to be made for certain areas. Yet, they are precisely the zones that need particular care: dust, germs and pathogens accumulate over time.
No room for compromise with the Noel Mondo; Mosquito nets, door knobs, cracks between planks, radiators and children‘s toys stay perfectly sanitized, drastically limiting risks of infection in your home.

Chemical-free hygiene in your bathroom

Thanks to the Noel Mondo you increase significantly your bathroom hygiene. Eliminate easily even stubborn lime deposits with this appliance and with no aggressive detergent. Lime scale allows germs and bacteria proliferation.
Our Noel Mondo eliminates in one operation pathogens and their natural environments. Bathtub, shower cabin, toilets – your bathroom is as good as new and always perfectly sanitized.
Persistent dirt and cooking grease are simply cleaned by the Noel Mondo, from the oven to the baking tray!

Dry steam cleaner, the solution for allergy sufferers

Allergies are dangerous and can trigger life-threatening reactions. Dust mites are the most common cause of allergies. You can fight allergies effectively with the dry steam cleaner and its temperature over 150° C, immediately killing germs, bacteria and even dust mites. Water vapour is mixed with dust to be then vacuumed by the system in one go and without streaks on the cleaned surfaces, such as rugs or furniture fabrics.
The Noel Mondo vacuum water filter purifies the air. The fine air dust is sucked for improved hygiene.
Noel Mondo: incomparable comfort combined with time gains and minimum work
With the Noel Mondo, carry out all your cleaning tasks with one single appliance effortlessly and in one go. Don‘t wait any longer and save precious time. Save several hours a month with Noel Mondo. It provides a perfectly hygienic result, difficult to achieve with conventional methods.
Household cleaners can be very harmful. Noel Mondo will protect your family from toxic products. Moreover, you will save money since the steam system uses very little water.
Noel Mondo vacuum is one of the most powerful suction systems due to its special water filter. This filter is an additional source of savings since you won‘t have to change your filter.

Comfort – Time saving – Health

Such are the benefits of the system Noel Mondo. Get the best for you and your family in your entire household!
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