Steam vacuum – a device for all around the house

Due to its combined function, the Noel Mondo also operates as a powerful steam vacuum. Simply activate the steam when using the vacuum and use both functions simultaneously. In regular household chores, you often encounter dirt which a vacuum alone is unable to clean; be it fixed deeply in the carpet or dried onto a smooth surface. Such dirt is easily removed with a steam vacuum, operating exactly as a regular vacuum would, only without any additional costs. Save yourself precious time which would otherwise be spent tackling the stubborn dirt on carpets, upholstery and smooth surfaces.

 Steam cleaner und vacuum combined

Thanks to its dry steam, the Noel Mondo steam vacuum has a number of advantages over traditional wet vacuums and steam vacuums which operate with wet steam. The dry steam used by the Noel Mondo is 147°C and, therefore, not only removes dirt effectively but also produces barely any moisture. This means that, whatever you clean, the end result is a fast and immediately dry finish. Steam vacuums that operate with wet steam – i.e. damp steam with much lower temperatures – must be used in conjunction with floor cloths which have a very limited absorption capacity. Wet steam is also much less efficient than dry steam at removing dirt.

Wet vacuums which absorb dirt by combining it with water generally require chemical supplements to achieve a positive end result. This is another advantage that the Noel Mondo has over other steam vacuum cleaners. The Noel Mondo’s dry steam function allows it to clean hygienically and aseptically without any additional chemicals. This means that you would not need any form of chemical cleaner or additive to produce clean floors or surfaces when using one of our steam vacuums – with the Mondo, all of these cleaning aids (which are often detrimental to your health) simply disappear from the household.

Hygiene and reduced labour in all household tasks

The Noel Mondo’s versatility is not exhausted in an extensive list of household cleaning chores. The Mondo’s comprehensive set of features and add-ons means that, with a single flick of the wrist, it can be ready for operation immediately, anywhere in the house. Simply fasten the window-cleaning attachment onto your steam vacuum’s suction hose or telescopic tube and master the art of cleaning any smooth surface, as if you were simply wiping it clean – only with the best results which are streak-free and immediately dry. The Noel Mondo accelerates window cleaning in a way that no other cleaning device can. Bathroom and kitchen tiling are also cleaned in the blink of an eye, removing all limescale and dried-on fat.

Dirt that resist damp cloths, vacuum cleaners and mops or fixes itself in cracks is removed in the same, single process.

Steam vacuum: Its advantages at a glance

The advantages of the steam vacuum cleaner are not limited to pristine surfaces and impeccable hygiene in your household, it also speeds up household chores in an extraordinary manner.

  • It cleans with the combined power of dry steam cleaning and vacuuming.
  • It consumes very little water.
  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It cleans with exclusively with dry steam.
  • It cleans without chemical cleaners.
  • It requires no microfiber cloths.
  • With its extensive set of features, it can be used in any cleaning tasks.
  • It saves you considerable time and effort in household chores.

The Noel Mondo’s combined use of steam and vacuuming, its many accessories and its ergonomic and user-friendly design put it at an advantage over traditional methods of cleaning; particularly due to its multi-functional purpose for all over the household.

  • Depending on what function you require, simply adjust the button on the handle. In a matter of seconds, the Noel Mondo can become a vacuum, a dry steam cleaner or a wet vacuum.
  • In vacuum-cleaner mode, the Mondo operates in exactly the same way as a regular vacuum. By activating the dry steam, tough dirt is removed immediately without having to change your device or hand-position.
  • In comparison to other steam cleaners and mops, the Noel Mondo offers two significant advantages. It cleans with powerful and efficient dry steam, operating as an appliance which can be used for all cleaning tasks. With its extensive box contents, it is also much more versatile than most devices.
  • The Noel Mondo is equipped with a particularly effective combination of a water filter and HEPA filter. Together, they not only remove dirt and dust from the targeted cleaning area, but also from the surrounding air – thanks to the Noel Mondo’s double filter, no traces of dirt, pollen or fine dust are left in the room. It is therefore particularly suited to use in households with allergy-sufferers or people who react sensitively to particles in the air due to asthma or respiratory disorders.
  • With the Noel Mondo’s double filter, it can also serve as an air cleaner, removing fine dust, pollen, spores, dirt particles and even cigarette smoke.

The steam vacuum in practice – reducing workloads and saving time

So where in the household should you use the Noel Mondo? Simply anywhere! In living quarters, you can use it to clean carpeted floors, smooth floors, glass cabinets, curtains, windows, radiators or even mattresses. In the kitchen, the Noel Mondo helps you clean with a thoroughness which produces ever-pleasing results for the household; pristine ovens, fridges, extractor hoods and worktops. Kitchen germs don’t stand a chance against dry steam. In the bathroom, clean shower cabinets and bathtubs, wall and floor tiles, toilets and sinks, drains and bathroom fittings; all without chemical cleaners and physical labour, all free of limescale, odour, and germs in a single cleaning process. The Noel Mondo masterfully reveals its advantages both indoors and out. Use it to clean the interior and exterior of your car, maintain the state of your garden furniture and barbeque and enjoy the constantly streak-free view from your conservatory.

Comfort – Health – Saving time

Both steam cleaner and handyman – the Noel Mondo amazes anyone the first time they use it. It offers the household a combination of comfort, saved time, astounding hygiene and cleanliness – wherever you choose to use it.

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