The winter garden is a real oasis and a piece of jewelry, a sophisticated continuation of the house to the outside. Every year in the spring or after the summer season, we have to clean the winter garden, which is an activity that becomes an oasis for some people. First of all, cleaning the winter garden means doing a considerably more thorough cleansing of the windows than cleaning in the living room, because the glazed surfaces of the inside and outside of the winter garden have some square meters.
The cleansing of the roof areas is often especially complex: we have to collect withered leaves, bird droppings and moss and unruly dirt. And this thorough and effective cleansing requires a lot of effort.

But not only the glazed surfaces need special care, the window frames also require this care so that the wood or plastic is kept careful and retains its appearance. The window joints also need special attention, as cold weather and warm weather interact in winter garden windows during a large part of the year. Due to this interaction, condensation may appear on the interior part of the window and, in turn, this condensation may produce mold at the joints. Mold spores have to be removed immediately and make the winter garden climate less healthy .


Clean the winter garden with a only one device- fast and throughly

Winter garden celansing usually requires multiple processes and different tools.

But it does not mean that they provide a more efficient cleansing,for example when a cleaning device is attached to an extensible arm. The constant change between the washed surface and the water to be cleaned requires complicated work and also takes time.

Instead, clean your winter garden with a single device: the Noel Mondo cleaning system has all the features you need to clean your winter garden. Noel Mondo is not only effective, but also a fast method.

Noel Mondo combines the strength of the dry steam cleaner and a powerful suction function. Dry steam at 147 ° C dissolves the most stubborn dirt in the blink of an eye, even disinfects and removes mold spores. The suction function immediately absorbs the dirt removed and inserts it into the device. It doesn’t leave residue and it is absolutely unnecessary to re-dry or polish the glazed surfaces, as the device immediately absorbs the steam.

Noel Mondo not only combines all the functions in a single device, its handling also guarantees maximum comfort. The suction and steam functions are easily adjusted with the handle and suit all your needs. That is, no matter what work you are doing in your winter garden, you don’t need to hold any device, or change it for another, rinse or drain it.


Clean in only one proccess:

Glass panes: without stripes and dry within a few seconds
Profile: whether of wood, plastic or aluminium
Joints: antiseptic and und free from mold spores
Glass roof: no efforts, no need for a ladder

The steam and suction pipe of the Noel Mondo can easily be extended to the desired size and the included accessories gives you various cleaning attachments not only for the winter garden, but for the entire household by the hand.

The power of Noel Mondo saves you time

Noel Mondo ease all cleaning situations, whether winter garden, kitchen, bathroom or living room. Noel’s range of functions is so universal and versatile, that you will not need another cleaning device at home.

In addition, you save money on cleaning products, because Noel Mondo cleans only with the power of water and without using chemicals thanks to dry steam.

Discover the Noel Mondo‘s cleaning system with a home presentation. You only need to contact us directly either by phone or by filling out our contact form.