As we enjoy the living area all year around, we also want to enjoy our terrace comfort and quality of life in summer. That is why we carry out the thorough cleaning in spring, which removes the traces of the cold season.

The best time to do it is before we put the flowerpots and furniture back in the terrace. This way it is easier to clean the naturaal stone or wood flooring in a single operation. But, only in a single operation? Generally, all the tasks are united in a single one when you want to eliminate algae, moss and organic growth, and even the traces of flowerpots.

Scraping the grooves between the stone or wood flooring is a more tedious task. It is unpleasant when products don’t remove everything that shouldn’t thrive in our garden. But time spent in cleaning the terrace is noticeable, the chemicals means must take effect for up to 24 hours, before we clean the area thoroughly.

Indeed, such cleaners represent a danger for the environment, because cleaning water seeps away the soil. Residues from other cleaners also remain in open-pore natural stone or wood flooring, we can notice it when we breathe deeply- the air is not as fresh and healthy as it could be when the weather is good.



Thorough cleaning without chemical products

You can clean your terrace faster and easier, and without using chemical products. The Noel Mondo cleaning system can remove dirt from the edges and natural stone or wood flooring only with the power of water and Noel Mondo’s dry steam, which is a task that wouldn’t be possible when scrubbing.

In addition, the 147ºC that dry steam reaches, dispose of algae and moss, without using chemicals. The extensive range of accesories also provides the right means and you don’t have to kneel in order to clean. And, since no cleaner has to work, you can clean your terrace in a single operation without wiping: the suction function of Noel Mondo ensures that everything that dry steam removes, is directly absorbed by the device and it is stored in the environmentally friendly water filter.

You can enjoy this advantages not only in your terrace and garden, but also in the entire household. Discover the benefits of the Noel Mondo cleaning system with our free presentation. You only need to contact us by phone or you can fill our contact form.