The heating system gives us cozy warm in winter and that is why we take care of it. This care often consists on refilling water and ordering heating oil. The fact that a heating system needs regular cleaning is often overlooked and that can have various consequences on our health and moneybag.

If there are dust bunnies behind the radiator and a huge amount of dust between the radiator ribs, we have no excuse: the heating system needs to be cleaned desperately. Before you clean the heating system once again in the next month, you should make clear that is it not only about superficial impression of cleaning.

Radiators as a breading ground for bacteria

Dust that accumulates between radiator ribs and upper ribs is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Many bacteria feel really comfortable in the hot heating air. It wouldn’t be a problem if they stayed there. However, they are carried around the house by the steady stream of ascending warm air.

The bacteria are in the atmosphere, so we can absorbe it easily through airways and skin, food and seating furniture and beds. Therefore, the contact is unavoidable if we don’t clean the radiator regularly.

Heating, dust and allergy sufferers

The accumulated dust not only stays in and on the heating system. The hot air constantly carries the house dust lying on the radiator and its ribs into the room airs, while new dust deposits. House dust consists of particles of different sizes, which can represent risks to the allergic sufferer’s health.

A large proportion of these particles are the remains of skin scales and mite excrements, since mites find an inexhaustible source of food in the organic components of house dust. Microfine lint, dust, mite and other dust particles contribute to our eyes irritation. “Dry air” and “hot air” often push these particles, but it is only partially. On the other hand, dry air is certainly unpleasant, although that can be easily changed by air freshener.

The unpleasant and often overlooked part of the truth about unpleasant heating air is, however, that air is very often enriched with dust particles, which have got into the ambient air directly from the heating system and from there they can also get into the eyes and airways. It is beneficial for health to be regularly exposed to this burden without providing a remedy.

It is important for allergy sufferers to avoid dust accumulation in, on and behind the radiator. This people notice if something is wrong with the room air much sooner than people without special sensitivity.

Grease and nicotine on the radiator

However, radiators are not only dust collectors that are hazardous to health. Grease deposits on the radiator in the kitchen and nicotine sticked to the radiator in smoking houses degrade the room climate. Since such deposites are heated, they also get again into the air. It is advisable to clean radiator regularly from such deposits, particularly in the case of undesirable odors.

A clean radiator provides constant heat output

Those whose health and smell can remain unaffected by the circumstances described, may well sit back and ignore the dusty radiator until the next additional payment. It is worthwhile to reconsider the cleaning of the radiator, as dirty radiators consume the same energy but provide less heat. The durst settled on the radiator can drastically reduce the heat output, namely by 30%.

Radiators can be cleaned quickly and efficiently

Different radiators as well as convectors are unquestionably a particularly demanding task in household cleaning. Superficial wiping with a cloth or the use of a dry dust feeder between the ribs is not rigorous enough. If one cleans thoroughly the radiator with conventional means, one plans more hours to do it.

It is better to use a combined vacuum cleaner and a dry steam cleaner for such work. Strong suction power and desinfecting effect of the dry steam can do this task in a single operation without a chemical cleaner, which would otherwise be much more complex.

Clean the radiator with Noel Mondo

The equipment of Noel Mondo allows the use of dry steam and vacuum cleaner function at the same time. The extensive equipment with suction attachments both for surfaces as well as difficult to reach interspaces make it a clean device of choice for those who want to save time in the most unpopular household tasks, but also for those who expect unconditional rigor and hygiene in cleaning.

The equipment of Noel Mondo allows easy cleaning even of difficult to reach places between radiator ribs and behind them. Its suction power completely removes dust deposits and the dry vacuum function, which can be switched on at any time by the vacuum cleaner handle, effectively kills bacteria and removes stubborn grease and nicotine deposits.

All work steps during the cleaning of the radiators are carried out in a time-saving operation at the same time, without having to use other cleaning devices or chemical cleaners. It desinfects by dry steam and cleans alone with the power of the water.

Should your radiator be cleaned in an higienic and easy way? Discover the Noel Mondo‘s cleaning system with a home presentation. You only need to contact us directly either by phone or by filling out our contact form.