Clean the car means more than drive in the car wash tunnel. Stubborn dirt on the outside and difficult-to-reach places in the interior require some thorough cleaning.

There are countless tools to eliminate insects, dirt on the tires caused by brakes, pollen layers and stains. They often cause new problems, for example, when the foam to clean the upholstery dries and leaves new spots. Sometimes cleaning products are so aggressive that they can significantly damage not only the paint and surfaces, but it can also represent a health problem when inhaling the fumes from cleaning products because many ingredients belong to the group of hazardous substances . It makes its handling offensive, even when cleaning the car outdoors.

Multiple processes and cleaning tools are required in order to thoroughly clean the car inside and out. These requirements involve not only costs, especially on products that are consumed quicky, but also time.

Clean the car quickly and easily with dry steam and suction function

With the Noel Mondo cleaning system, you have the possibility not only to clean your car thoroughly with a single device, but also to save considerably time and without using chemicals.

Noel Mondo is a steam cleaner which contains a powerful suction function. In addition, you can control these functions and power from the handle, Noel Mondo is responsible for the rest.

Dry steam is a powerful hydraulic energy

The dry steam reaches a temperature of 147 ° C, has a low percentage of water and is a considerable cleaner that masters all cleaning tasks inside and outside the car without effort. It cleans the body and gllases in a single operation without leaving scratches or having to clean it again, because the suction function immediately absorbs the steam and the dirt eliminated.
With the Noel Mondo, the varnishing also retains its luster, stability and smoothness when used more frequently. The last time is usually polished with conventional methods, even when not seen at first glance. However, as a consequence, the dirt becomes more rebellious.

Noel Mondo can also be used to clean the rims. The cleaning system contains several articles that further extend your universal functions. If rim contamination is so hard that only hard chemistry would help to clean it, then simply select one of the brush attachments or back the dirt with the steam plant.

Dry steam makes possible what for many seems unthinkable: the most complete and fast cleaning without using a single chemical cleaning product.


The pitfalls in detail: clean the car interior

Noel Mondo works extremely efficiently and strongly as a vacuum cleaner. Noel cleans the mats and carpets completely without any problem. Often, it is difficult to get the seats clean with a simple vacuum cleaner, as stains and discolorations are often difficult to remove.
The dry steam helps in this sense to leave the tapestries as new. The stains and discolorations dissolve with the dry vapor in the same way as the snow does with the sun and, thanks to the suction function, there is no remaining moisture in the upholstery. In addition, the leather and alcantara seats are taken care of the same way, simply adjust the steam function to the lowest level.

The roof lining remains beautiful and like new with dry steam cleaning. This even applies to smokers‘ cars, because the resulting tar film, which is deposited in the entire interior, can also be removed cleanly thanks to dry steam. Of course, it is not only used on the roof of the car, also on plastic surfaces, door panels and dashboard.

But there are pitfalls that can be a test of patience when using conventional methods. If the plastic surfaces are structured, the powder is deposited on them and can not be removed by wiping clean. With Noel Mondo you can deal with it in an elegant and determined way: after cleaning with dry steam, the plastic structures get the same look they had when they were new.

You can clean thoroughly seat belts, ventilation and heating exits and, in general, all difficult to reach places. Thanks to theNoel Mondo’s wide range of accessories you can get anywhere you probably thought was impossible to reach.

Universal, thorough and  hygienic: other fields of application of Noel Mondo

Not only the lover of cars can enjoy the range of functions of Noel Mondo, but the lady of the house. It is ideal to hygienically clean all surfaces, kitchen  appliancesand bathroom thanks to the germicidal effect of dry steam.. The simplification of the work it provides in cleaning living rooms, windows, radiators and even the curtains is incredible. It is much easier to achieve good results using a single device than changing it constantly. Everyone appreciates not having to inhale the fumes from the cleaning products constantly and unnecessarily. With Noel you can easily avoid these fumes in the future, as no chemical cleaning products are needed thanks to dry steam.

You can discover the Noel Mondo’s cleaning system through a demonstration. Call us or use our contact form.