Pathogens develop wherever humidity is present. Therefore, why do we clean our bathrooms with water? Simply as a matter of habit. Moreover, most of us also use an allegedly essential chemical product. That is mostly how germs and lime build-up stay in your bathroom.
Deposits in the shower settle simply through use. You can use a squeegee on the surfaces of your shower after each shower but the damp climate in the bathroom stays. Yet, it is in this climate that bacteria proliferate and settle on every surface of the bathroom.
Moreover, simply drying cannot keep the lime scale from building in the shower. The porous deposits and condensation constitute the ideal conditions for the emergence of bacteria in the bathroom, such as E. coli. As a consequence, you are living in an unhealthy environment with unpleasant smells.

Dry steam clean your shower cabin hygienically

With traditional cleaning methods, it is almost impossible to achieve truly hygienic results in your bathroom, unless you use harmful chemical cleaners. In addition, you still clean with humidity in a place damp enough to enable the development of germs.
The best available humidity-free and chemical-free method remains dry steam cleaning with no time loss.
The Noel Mondo is a purifying system combining dry steam cleaning and a vacuum function in a unique way. The advantage of this method is to be able to clean a large shower cabin with a single operation, chemical-free and no need to wipe. As a result, you have no bacteria or deposits and the lime scale is removed in a few seconds only.

Get rid of the bacteria and lime scale in one single operation

The benefit of dry steam is that germs and viruses are immediately killed at 147° C. The steam water used is then sent back into the Noel Mondo collecting container. This useful accessory let us complete a cleaning task in one single time while saving time.
You get an exceptional result and your bathroom is perfectly hygienic (as well as the rest of your house). With this appliance, you will never need chemical products and you will save money. The Noel Mondo method enables you to better clean your interior and to protect your family against the noxious fumes of cleansing agents.
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