Clean glass cabinet – fast and without streaks

A glass cabinet is a eye-catcher in every room. Therefore, cleaning a glass cabinet regularlyy is a basic programm of household cleaning. Although a glass cabinet is like a small piece of furniture,  cleaning it could be very costly if you clean all the window panes with conventional methods.

The glass cabinet of the rooms are the place where the collection pieces and objects of great value are shown. The presentation in the glass cabinet is the opposite of the storage in the wardrobe, the everyday and rarely used deliberately deludes the view.

The valuable and beautiful objects that are presented in the glass cabinet are conscientiously chosen and not only make them visible, but the furniture remains in the background as much as possible. The glass cabinet only acts as it should, when the lightness and transparency of the content catches the attention of the observer.

The cabinet represents the memories and the personal meaning in a sophisticated way and gives the appropriate light thanks to a lighting placed on an enlarging panel or with backlit LCD lights. The beautiful sight is, however, diminished with time by the fact that dust is deposited on the glass cabinet and the transparency and clarity of the panes in the glass doors diminish – like a window that has not been cleaned for a while.


The lighting of the glass cabinet only has effect with clear crystals.

There are glass cabinets of all kinds and for all styles. The classic design of woods such as cherry, oak or mahogany are often chosen for valuable crystals and porcelain. The collections are often shown in modern glass cases, as there is nothing to distract from the objects presented.

However, a common standard in all types of glass cabinets is the built-in lighting, for which there is also as wide a range as for the types of showcases. Sometimes the lighting reaches the inside of the cabinet; however the lighting is almost invisible as far as possible, as it is usually fixed to the glass base of the glass cabinet as an LED and is it illuminated through it.

No matter what type of lighting a glass cabinet has, it is the light, which always makes it clear that cleaning a glass cabinet is a very special task.: shelves with impurities or scratches or muddy and scratched glass doors blur the presentation not only significantly, they can also alter both the desired effect, so the objects presented do not have the possibility of being the center of attention simply because the glass is no longer invisible.

Clean glass cabinet – which are the options?

Traditional methods for the cleaning of the glass cabinets do not always differ from those for other glass surfaces. With most of these methods a clean result is achieved, but it does not usually satisfy the showcase, because, in most cases, impurities and streaks remain.Glass shelves with LED lights can make you so unhappy that you would change your display case. You can read above why it is unnecessary and how to achieve these cleaning results by leaving your crystals clean and scratched.

A cloth soaked with water and glass cleaner may remove dirt and dust, but it doesnn’t remove it completely, as it always leaves moisture. In addition, these cloths can leave lints, which you would never notice in other places of the home, but that are seen more clearly in the shelves of the glass showcases.

And even if we follow good advices and use the semi-wet microfiber cloth we do not avoid the streaks that appear when the remains of dirty water dry. This is distributed with the microfiber cloth on the glass panes and glass floors of the cabinet in fine lines and is not completely removed. The microfiber cloth distributes this dirty water by cleaning the fingerprints of the cabine’s glass and shelves and it does not eliminate it completely. Although the result of cleaning with microfiber cloths is much better with cloths of other textiles, especially the illuminated glass in the glass cabine is still not presentable.

Kitchen paper is wonderful in many situations, however these situations should be limited to cooking and staining when spilling liquid, as kitchen paper can leave marks on the glass. When we increase the surfaces of glass this goes from uneven to rough, but this lack of uniformity are barely noticeable, because the crystal is completely soft to the touch. However, the dust and dirt particles are so fine that they adhere to these surfaces. The kitchen paper is composed of fine cellulosic fibers which, by no means, are really soft. If we rub the glass shelves with kitchen paper, not only can the fibers adhere, the kitchen paper actually scrapes the glass surfaces. In addition, if we repeat this action regularly, we will make that dirt and dust adhere even more to the glass every time we clean.

Likewise, the kitchen rolls are not so absorbent to remove all the remains of water and glass cleaner. The consequences are similar to those of all cloths and microfiber cloths.

Newspapers are often mothers‘ favorite tool for cleaning glass and glass surfaces. But who wants to keep their high-quality glass cabinet taken care of, is wrong when using this method. For this reason, newspaper has even more drawbacks than kitchen paper: the hard cellulose fibers of newspaper damage glass surfaces. The consequences of these damages are that the crystals get dirty more quickly and the stains are more persistent, even when the result is satisfactory to the naked eye. Basically, newspaper has sanded the remains of dry dirt with the water to clean or window cleaner, something that should be avoided in general in any cabinet area and, above all, in the glass.
Glass cleaners, ethanol and propanol seem to solve this challenge at first glance. Although the result of cleaning with these methods does not manage to eliminate the remains completely. Specifically, ethanes and propanol leave streaks that look a little unattractive on illuminated glass shelves; in addition, the vapors that are inhaled when working with these products are absolutely inadequate and harmful to health.

The situation does not improve with the window cleaners. It is commonly thought that the remains of this product that remain air are not harmful to health. Although conditions of a laboratory with good ventilation could exclude possible health problems,  the consequences in closed places are different even when cleaning windows. Therefore, it is not advisable to clean the interior of a cabinet with this product, as the air remains inside the cabinet, even when the doors of the cabinet are open. In addition we expose ourselves to a cloud of vapors of these products especially when cleaning exhaustively  and for a longer time.

Clean glass cabinets with dry steam – a clear vision in a single process

When cleaning the windows with dry steam, you don’t only  get impeccable results (even in the direct illumination on the glass shelves), but it is faster and more comfortable than any conventional method.

The Noel Mondo cleaning system efficiently combines vacuum cleaner and dry steam cleaner. The extensive equipment of accessories for the different cleaning situations not only provides universal use for the whole house, but also ensures that the glass cabinets (both shelves and front glass) are cleaned in a single process and without dust, dirt or fingerprints. In this way the streaks and fogged crystals disappear: dry steam completely removes dirt leaving no residue with only the strength of the water and without using chemicals, while the suction function introduces the steam into the device. It removes all moisture from the glass, and can not dry any more by cleaning the streaks and fog areas of the glass.

New glass cabinets usually show remnants of release agents on the glasses and are usually difficult to remove. Noel Mondo also solves this problem: even as fast as removing dust and normal dirt.

Noel Mondo cleans all glass surfaces of the home without leaving any residue and taking care of it.With our Noel Mondo cleaning system, you can clean at a great speed and effortlessly, something that is unimaginable for some people when cleaning glass.

In addition, cleaning with dry steam is germicidal and therefore an advantage for the health of your family at the kitchen and bathroom. The possibilities of Noel Mondo masters all the cleaning situations inside and outside the home. Clean quickly, hygienically and thoroughly simply with the force of water, without using chemical cleaning products.

You can discover the Noel Mondo’s cleaning system through a demonstration. Call us or use our contact form.