Spring begins and it is time top ut garden furniture on the bacoly or terrace again. However, before we can enjoy the sun sitting and lying on our garden furniture, we have no choice but to clean it. Wind and weather have left their marks in the last year, and perhaps the Wood furniture also have more patina that we wished because of the storage during winter.

However, white plastic garden furniture make cleaning a challenging task, because not everything that brightens the surface makes the furniture really good. Metal garden furtinure is usually the least problema, but you can take care of it in order to avoid dull varnish over time.

How to clean garden furniture made of different materials?

Maintenance of garden furtniture made of wood, plastic or metall will differ, at least if you do not simple want to wipe and keep surfaces fresh and beautiful. We give you an overview of different types of garden furniture and measures that need to be taken in order to preserve their appearance for many years. These measures can be hard, but also very simple.

Clean wood furniture

The different types of wood used for garden furniture provide some protection from wind and weather and they also preserve for years. Whether teak, cedar or robinia- garden furniture made of wood are more or less sensitive depending on the type of surface treatment. Untreated wood furniture over time develops a patina on the surface, which makes it relatively insensitible. The different trated wood surfaces also offer  different degress of protection, but require careful care so that this protection in maintained.

Maintainance of painted wood

Painted garden furniture are well protect from liquids and rain and therefore generally does not hold stubborn dirt. Even bird droppings can be easily removed from these garden furniture, you only need to wipe with a damp cloth. If it comes to stubborn dirt, which can not be easily removed, it becomes more difficult: sharp cleaners and abrasive cleaners may remove the stains, but make the surface rough. This way dirt will adhere easily to that area and will provide a rather unpleasant discolour.

Using dry steam is a gente way to remove stubborn dirt that can penetrate the wood and causing it damage. If we use dry steam cleaner with suction fuction, dirt is not only thoroughly removed, but dry steam is removed simultaneously with the very low moisture content of the steam. Such a treatment is very fast and simple and it often prevent us from sanding and repainting the garden furniture.

Maintenance of leached and oiled wood

In contrast to painted garden furniture, those made from leached of oiled wood are more sensitive. The surface remains open-pored with both treatments, that is, it is also more sensitive to stains, for example liquid stains. Such treatment should be treated regularly, at least once a year.

Leached wood protects from the effects of the UV rays in the sunlight and thus prevents it from losing its colour. Oiled wood is simply cleaned with a cloth. While the floor absorbs the oil, you should spread absorbent paper on the furniture in order to avoid that excess oil creates an unwanted film on the surface.

Through the use of the garden furniture, there can always appear new stains. Light dirt on the surface can be simply wiped with a damp cloth or removed with a solution of a greasy soap. However this does not work with stubborn dirt. Normally, it is needed to polish the affected area and apply a new treatment with oil or lye.

However, you can save this time and effort. Thanks to the combination of dry steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner of the Noel Mondo, it is also possible to quickly and efficiently remove stains that have penetrated into the wood surface. Dry steam dissolves dirt quickly and throughly and the suction function simultaneously grabbs the disolved dirt together with the very low moisture of the dry steam. So the wood is immediately cleaned and dry, so the affected area can immediately be treated with wood oil or wood lye.

Maintainance of waxed wood

The situation is similar to the previous one, when we talk about garden furniture with waxed wood surfaces. If we want to avoid stains, we have to eliminate moisture and spilt liquids from the surface. This cleanising is part of the maintainance in orden for them to remain beautiful. Before doing this, it is advisable to remove dust and dirt from the furniture surface.

This work is particularly fast and thorough when you use the Noel Mondo: it removes stubborn dust and dirty, which are trapped in the wax, from the wood surface. After the use of Noel Mondo, the wood can be directly treated with wax again, since steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner does not add moisture to the wood. In addition to saving time and thorough cleaning, this cleaning method is that we can avoid that decoloration by dirt particles, which would simply be incorporated into the pores of the wood in the next wax layer. In this way, your garden furnitures preserves the surface and colours that you want.

Clean and refresh plastic garden furniture

White garden furniture made of plastic is often a particularly stubborn case: even though we have deliberately chose a durable material, after a garden season, it appears a grey layer, and it is foreseeable that it can become unsightly within a few years.

Dust from the environment has then sttled on the surface. This is actually similar with plastic, which has a smooth feel, but it is not really smooth. This particularity reveals which cleaning methods are completely wrong, even if they bring a superficial and short-term success. Scouring agents are totally banished for plastic furniture, since they mave remove dirt on the surface, but they also make them very rough- they basically damage the surfaces. As a result, dust and dirt adhere to the surfaces more strongly than before, so the old problem has simply got worse.

Alternative recomendations of polishes, which are intended for sensitive paintings, has two other disadvantages: they are very expensive and they are intended to surface which, as a rule, do not have any skin contact ore ven physical proximity, such as the exterior painting of cars. In the case of garden chairs and tables, where people usually eat, it is important to refuse the use of chemicals and cleaning products that produce allergies.

Noel Mondo can also be easily used here with it is combined function of dry steam cleaner and suction function. Mondo cleans and refresh plastic furniture, and it does not contaminate furniture surfaces with scouring agents. With Noel Mondo you clean without any chemicals, it only needs the power of water.

Plastic and rattan mesh garden furniture

This kind of furniture have already brought the most patient garden fairy to despair. Rattan gives a touch of class to the terrace and garden, but it is impossible to maintain it using ordinary means. The vacuum cleaner can remove dirt from the interstices, but stubborn dirt remains. On the other hand, dry steam dissolves almost all the dust and even bird droppings in the rattan braid thanks to its almost 150ºC and it doesn’t leave moisture. And, as the collected dirt is absorbed at the same time, rattanmesh garden furniture remains as new in a single operation.

Noel Mondo useful at home and garden

The advantages of our Noel Mondo cleaning system in garden furniture cleaning and its results in the whole garden and terraces have no comparision. It is even possible to do the cleaning and renovation of upholstery for chairs and garden chairs.

Noel Mondo users can enjoy the advantages of dry steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner and home-made environment. Do you want to know how?

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