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Die Noel International GmbH is dedicated to offer innovating products for individuals and professionals and provide excellent personalised advice. As a global company, we generate new market potential and are always looking for new partners.
We have several decades of experience in many areas. We use this experience gained from working for a major American company specialised in suction systems as well as our experience in cleaning products.

As a family business , we follow the process through every stage, from product development, customer service and customer loyalty. Indeed, we perfectly know how this specific market reacts. We regularly develop innovating products with huge potential. For a successful partnership, new ideas are not enough. This is why we need YOU. Our innovating products are in great demand everywhere and perfectly suited for direct sales. We also work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers. As customer consultants we have the necessary skills to guarantee quality expertise. Our products such as the Noel Mondo meet the highest requirements concerning the criteria the clients are increasingly attentive to. Help us serve future markets in Germany, in Europe and all over the world. Ideally, you have a well-developed direct sales force and wish to expand your business portfolio or provide top quality products.
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