Bathroom Hygiene – how important is antibacterial cleaning?

Hygiene is crucial for a healthy environment. It is not always easy to identify the actual flow and proliferation of germs or pathogens. Wet cleaning the bathroom and the toilets might be counterproductive and not completely eliminate the pathogens.
Cleaning with aggressive chemical agents can engender other risks that can be easily avoided by using a chemical-free and more efficient method.

Bacterial colonies in the bathroom

The bathroom is the dampest room in the house and the ideal place for bacteria proliferation such as E.coli or rotavirus. Both are gastrointestinal bacteria that can provoke infectious diseases. In healthy adults, these infections are surely unpleasant but generally have no consequences. However, individuals with compromised immune system after earlier diseases face real dangers.
The same applies for mould spores that proliferate in bathrooms as well in the best available conditions. Mould and other fungus produce highly toxic mycotoxins that can be dangerous and cause cancers in humans who are extensively exposed to such an infect environment.

Lime deposits and condensation

Condensed water adhering to the bathroom surfaces such as the bathtub or the shower cabin are the ideal home for any germ. To all that must be added lime deposits over time. They are porous and through a surface and unhygienic cleaning, bacteria proliferate inside the pores and not only on the surface. Lime deposits should be cautiously eliminated or even better, ensure that they don‘t settle.

Cleaning the bathroom with dry steam avoids any additional dampness

It is obvious that you do not need to clean a space already quite wet and hence favourable for germs with more humidity. However, this is a daily hygiene problem in most bathrooms. Wet wiping and germs proliferation is for now a sufficient hygienic method. People requiring more cleanliness might use additionally chemical cleaning products and inhale toxic vapours day after day.
Dry steaming is the best and most efficient hygienic method to clean the bathroom. Unlike cooking steam or the steam used in steam cleaners with low temperature and low pressure, dry steam contains hardly any water element. At 147° C, it reaches a higher temperature and comes out only with the suitable appliances, like the Noel Mondo, delivering a pressure of 4.5 bars.
These properties of dry steam make it a first choice solution to efficiently eliminate bacteria, viruses and mould spores. You will get a bathroom with a perfect hygiene.
Furthermore, dry steam does not add any additional humidity on smooth surfaces like the bathtub and the shower cabin.

Dry steam vacuums guarantee a perfect hygiene

Contrarily to traditional dry steam cleaners, the Noel Mondo has additionally the advantage to vacuum simultaneously with its suction function the dry steam, dissolved dirt particles and germs to lead them into the hygienic collective reservoir.
The Noel Mondo cleans with no chemical products and uses very little water. As a hygienic measure, the water used for the treatment is hermetically closed in the collecting vessel. You can then eliminate reliably the germs and pathogens, even in a damp room and considerably reduce their proliferation.

Effective bath hygiene – what precautions are suitable?

Germs reach the bad constantly. If you avoid unnecessary moisture by regular airing and cleaning with dry steam, you have already done a lot to provide hygienic and healthy conditions.

Other simple rules can help to significantly reduce bacterial exposure. For example, towels should be changed at least every three days, as fungal spores reproduce easily in their wet tissue. The toilet should be closed when rinsing, as coli bacteria and other germs otherwise are unnecessarily swirled into the bathroom air. It is better if we never place the toothbrush near the toilet, because these germs are located everywhere on a large scale.

Water and condensed steam from the shower and bath should be dried after each use, this way we will remove another breeding ground for other germs. Wash basins and water faucets should also be cleaned regularly with dry steam, as they are no less a place for the propagation and spreading of pathogens.

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