All-in-One – What our Mondo can do

The Noel Mondo is a genuine all-in-one appliance that will revolutionise how you clean. With this appliance, you will be able to clean the inside and the outside of your home surprisingly easily via traditional cleaning methods.

The Mondo‘s incredible capacity comes from its unique combination of dry steam cleaning, vacuuming as well as air purifying. The benefits are obvious: thanks to this product, you can finally clean your entire house with perfect hygiene and without any chemical cleaner. You will no longer need to use multiple appliances since the Noel Mondo allows you to accomplish all these tasks with one single product.

Dry Steam

Nothing resists the powerful effect of dry steam, even stubborn dirt. Whether you need to wash your floor, carpets, furniture, upholstered furniture or your kitchen and bathroom, the Noel Mondo dry steam cleaning system will make your interior shine with a new lustre.

Unlike conventional cleaners, the Noel Mondo humidity-free steam system guarantees cleaning with no wiping. Indeed, in one step, the dirt, grease and scale disappear with the water steam directly in the water filter.
You can clean your whole house without releasing any harmful smoke due to the non-use of chemical cleaners. The dry steam power at 147° C allows you to remove all the stains effortlessly.
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With unmatched power, you can vacuum rugs, hard floors, upholstery fabric and animal hair. Noel Mondo suction power is simply exceptional due to its special design with low power consumption for a more environmentally friendly appliance. With this product, you get an outstanding suction power for a far more affordable price than before.

This vacuum cleaner uses a water and HEPA filtration system for an extremely hygienic functioning. It is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Pollen and dust are efficiently captured by our Noel Mondo and it thereby contributes to improve air quality.

In contrast to conventional bag or bagless vacuum cleaners, the suctioned dust is never expelled thanks to effect of the water filter. To get rid of the dust, you only need to remove and empty the water filter without releasing any dust, pollen or dust mites.
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Air Purifier

Fresh air in your house is not only enjoyable but also good for your health. Asthmatics as well as allergy sufferers are sensitive to different types of dust and pollen. With the Noel Mondo air freshener function, you significantly improve your house‘s air quality and help your loved ones.

The ambient air goes through the water and fine-particle double filter system and comes out cleaned within your own four walls. Even tobacco smoke disappears due to the purifying effect of the Noel Mondo.
You can hence use your Noel Mondo as aromatherapy at home. Optionally, you can order numerous scented Noel oils that will provide the atmosphere you need in your home. Air purifying becomes pure relaxation and aromatherapy improving your life quality as well as your wellbeing. That is why so many customers choose our All-in-One Noel Mondo solution.
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Steam vacuum

The Noel Mondo offers you the powerful combination of its vacuum and dry steam functions. A powerful steam vacuum which traditional devices with a steam function are unable to compete with. As the Noel Mando cleans with dry steam, no residual moisture remains after any cleaning operations. There is no need to wash up afterwards, and carpets, mats and upholstery remain dry. With the Noel Mondo, all that remains is a perfect cleanliness and dry surfaces – be it smooth floors, carpets or textiles.

Tough dirt is easily removed by activating the dry steam function – simply adjusting the button on the handle. The Noel Mondo allows you to tackle any stain or stubborn dirt, ensuring a perfect end-result which requires no subsequent washing up. Save your self the trouble of buying a mass of different devices, and relieve the burden of every day chores.

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Wet vacuum cleaner

Its powerful vacuum and water filter combination makes the Noel Mondo a wet vacuum which produces perfect cleanliness in tasks that would otherwise require laborious wiping by hand and damp end-results. The Noel Mondo effortlessly vacuums liquids, wet stains or dirt which has been combined with moisture (e.g. in carpet or upholstery shampoo) , before storing it in the dirty water container.       

One of the Noel Mondo’s biggest advantages when cleaning wet dirt or absorbing liquids, is the option to activate the dry steam function directly after having cleaned the targetted surface or area. This prevents spilled liquids from leaving behind any residual moisture on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Deactivate the dry steam with the flick of a switch before turning off the vacuum.

Both clean and dry in a single manouvre – that was easy.

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