Noel Mondo All-in-One

The Noel Mondo will make you enjoy the latest cleaning revolution. Its All-in-One device combines a steam cleaner with a vacuum and also with an air purifier to make your life easier.

No other cleaning system will enable you to get so many advantages. You will clean even heavy stains with the vaporiser and without using any chemical. This allows you to benefit from an excellent hygiene through the simple power of water. Furthermore, you will be able to to make all your household chores with one single device.

The vacuuming feature allows an ideal suction power due to the dual water filter system and ensures a better hygiene. The Noel Mondo air purifier function removes the smallest particles such as dust, pollen and tobacco smoke from your home.

Noel Mondo Reinigungssystem – Anwendungsvideo

Der Noel Mondo ist ein echter Allrounder und das All-in-One-Gerät, mit dem Noel die Reinigungsrevolution ausruft. Reinigungsarbeiten im und um den Haushalt werden mit dem Mondo so einfach wie nie und so schnell, wie es mit herkömmlichen Methoden beim Putzen, Saugen und Wischen nicht zu erreichen ist.Diese Fähigkeit besitzt der Mondo dank seiner einzigartigen Kombination aus Trockendampfreiniger, Staubsauger und Lufterfrischer.


Lifetime Warranty

The Noel Mondo is not merely a 4-in-1 home appliance with the best value for its performances and cleaning quality. Indeed, its lifespan is very long as a result of the quality of the components. Therefore, we can offer you a 20-year manufacturer warranty on your Noel Mondo product. If repair is necessary, the cost will not exceed more than 10 % of the purchase price regardless of the actual repair cost.

With this warranty, you also have the assurance of having spare parts for your device available at all times. The Noel Mondo gives you a double warranty. On one hand, you are eco-friendly by not replacing your device and on the other you can save a great deal on reparation costs with our double warranty. Moreover, you still have the possibility of ordering replacement parts and accessories at any time of the year… if you need to change a part or you wish to take advantage of our various accessories.
You have everything you need with Noel Mondo.


Noel Plus- Membership

High-end service represents an increase of reliability and satisfaction. In addition to Noel’s top service, the Noel Plus-Membership gives you regular services and benefits, which not only help you care and maintain your Noel products, but also save money.

With the Noel Plus-Membership you increase the warranty period of Noel-Products from 5 to 10 years. If there is a failure or the Noel unit should be repaired, you will receive a temporary unit for the restoration period within 72 hours, so that you do not have to wait in order to enjoy the complete comfort in your household.

Furtheremore, you will recerive an annual on-site service for examination, cleaning and free filter replacement for your Noel unit. You also receive 5 high quality microfiber cloths, which are far superior to the quality of conventional microfiber.

You can also enjoy benefits for future orders with Noel Plus-Membership: 10% discount on all Noel products, new equipments and accessories and all repairs are waiting for you.

Please refer to our contact form or call us by phone in order to enjoy the benefits of Noel Plus-Membership.